10 Best US Theme Parks For 2014


A visit to a theme park during the warm weather provides the ultimate relaxation. Theme parks provide ride thrills of exceptional speeds and heights for all ages. Listed below are the best 10 theme parks in the USA.

1. Universal Orlando.

This park is located in Orlando, Florida.

– The recently opened Dragon Alley brings to life the Harry Potter series.

– Visitors can enjoy the Hogwarts express from the Hogsmeade village.

– The park also features the new multi-dimensional, multi-sensory roller coaster of the Harry Potter and the Gringotts escape.

2. Six Flags Great America. This park is located in Gurnee, IL.

– The new attraction named Goliath was opened on May 31 is the top attraction of the park.

– Goliath is the world’s tallest with 180 feet, fastest at 72mph and steepest at 85 degrees.- Riders will have the thrill of experiencing an inverted Zero gravity stall and a 180 degrees zero gravity roll.

– The park contains a wing coaster and the American eagle which is the world’s fastest, tallest and longest twin coaster.

3. Busch Gardens Tampa. This park is located in Tampa, Florida.

– The Falcons fury which opened in May 2014 features the tallest free standing drop in North America at 335 feet.

– The drop tower sends riders down with their seats tilting forward at an angel of 90 degrees making them go down with their face down.

– The park also features the Cheetah hunt

4. King’s Island. This park is located in Mason, OH.

– This is the largest water and amusement park in Midwest.

– It boasts 14 roller coasters and the recent Banshee tower which opened in April is the longest inverted roller coaster in the world.

– Riders enjoy flying through 4124 feet of track at high speeds of up to 68mph.

– The coaster has seven inversions.

5. Six Flags New England. This park is located in Agawam, MA.

-The sky screamer which opened in June has top speeds of up to 35mph with circular spinning chassis.

– The coaster offers good views of Massachusetts and Connecticut while spinning.

– The Bizzaro offer riders with tight turns and steep drops.

– A steel coaster in the park has cars that spin freely and uniquely along the track.

6. Magic Kingdom. This park is located in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

– This fantasy land has been going under renovations and they have introduced a steel coaster with cars that sway side to side independently.

– They have also introduced the Seven Dwarfs mine.

– This Walt Disney World park also has the little maid, enchanted tales and other Disney’s animated films.

7. Six Flags Great adventure. This park is located in Jackson, NJ.

– The parks boast of the world’s tallest and the world’s second fastest roller coaster named Kingda Ka.

-The park has incorporated Zumanjaro -the drop of doom where riders are dropped at speeds of up to 90mph.

8. Universal Studios Hollywood. This park is located in Universal City, CA.

– The park has a new attraction, the 4D simulator that is perfect for families.

– The park offers riders with 3d glasses so that they can enjoy the ride as they encounter flying objects.

9. The Adventure Dome. This park is located in Las Vegas, NV

– The park is located on circus

.- The El Loco, the new steel coaster has remarkable turns of 45 degrees angle turns and 90 degree drops.

– The park has an indoor twisting canyon.

10. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay ThisPark is located in Louisville, KY

– The park reopened its gates on May 24th.

– The park has a coaster that lifts riders up a hill and drops them 100 feet down.

– There are also inversions, turns and many hills.

For visitors visiting the US via either sea, or air, will need authorization to enter the US. ESTA the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an online authorization for visitors to the US.

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