10 Lovely Spots You May Visit During a Mediterranean Cruise

When it comes to journeying over the ocean, nothing quite beats a Mediterranean voyage for sheer diversity and excitement. On both the north and south shores, there are plenty of places to visit each of which offers something different to the enthusiastic traveller. Here are ten of the best locations to stop off at during your next sea-going tour.

  1. Athens. Capital of Greece, birthplace of democracy, and cradle of civilisation, Athens immerses its visitors in both culture and history. From the world famous Acropolis to the towering Temple of Zeus, there is plenty to see when stopping off at this truly amazing destination.
  2. Valletta. The fortress city is found in the island nation of Malta. Boasting a lengthy history, it also plays home to a vibrant arts scene, fine dining, fashion and much more. It has been named the European Capital of Culture for good reason.
  3. Barcelona. This coastal Spanish city offers so much for visitors of all ages. Whether you want to swim with the sharks or take a stroll in the park, this city has it all. Whatever you do, don’t forget the delicious local cuisine as well.
  4. Lisbon. Although not in the Mediterranean, cruise ships generally stop at the Portuguese capital before passing the Straits of Gibraltar. This is a great chance to witness the City of Explorers and what makes it one of Europe’s most popular destinations each year.
  5. Venice. No city conjures up images of romance quite like Venice with its many canals. Give yourself a chance to explore Italy’s premiere destination for lovers. Steep yourself in culture, cuisine, fashion and tradition for an unforgettable experience.
  6. Tripoli. As Libya opens up to tourism, many passenger liners now stop at its capital, Tripoli. This exotic destination gives you a taste of the old world with its sweeping desert landscapes, bustling bazaars and ancient ruins. Get here first before the tourist crowds!
  7. Tunis. As the capital of Tunisia, Tunis offers plenty for those just setting foot off their cruise ship. Walk through the streets of ancient Carthage or go shopping in the souks of the Medina to give yourself the chance to experience another world.
  8. Monaco. No other destination embodies wealth and luxury as well as the tiny nation of Monaco. From Monte Carlo Casino to Monaco Cathedral, the region is imbued with a unique combination of culture and elegance which has to be experienced at least once.
  9. Istanbul. Found on the edge of Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul really captures the elements of both regions. From its famous bath houses to its grand palaces, there are plenty of ways in which you can expand your horizons in this amazing destination.
  10. Alexandria. Combining the old and the new, Alexandria takes pride in its ancient heritage while looking towards the future. Because of this, cruise ship passengers can experience a wealth of local sights, activities and attractions to suit their particular travelling style and desires.

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