3 Countries Perfect for a Guided Tour


India’s treasures are vast, and widely scattered. There are so many things to choose from, it is understandable if you are confused. That is why it is a good idea to have a guided tour of what India has to offer.  That way you can hop on and off flights with internal companies like Air India and get delivered from place to place without having to worry about any of the finer details.

A tour guide will help choose what will indulge based on your interests. If you are looking for fun and sand, Goa will undoubtedly fascinate. For those who are carrying families, it is important to plan your holiday around your children’s needs as well. A tour guide will help you do this, keeping both them and you entertained. Whether you want to see the romance of the TajMahal, Udaipur, explore West Bengal, or visit the bustling coastal cities, a guided tour will help you see it.

The beauty of India is its cost. Its long-standing reputation as a cheap destination have been well earned. Whatever budget range you are on, India is very accommodative. A tour guide can help you choose accommodation within your budget, giving you great value for your money.


The UK is only about 94,000 km2 in size. However, within this seemingly small island collection lays such a vast diversity in culture. From the fiery Scotts in the North, the exciting Welsh in the west, and the proper Englishmen found within the southern parts, the combination is as diverse as its geography as well.

The UK plays host to historic cities, grand castles, lonely moors, beautiful beaches, exciting museums, and so much more. You are never too far away from another enjoyable experience anywhere within the isles. Whether you pick on a rural getaway, or head to the vibrant cosmopolitan cities, a guided UK tour will help you discover them more intimately. Equipped with local knowledge, they will open up the UK for you in ways you have never imagined. If discovery is what you seek, then a guided tour will do you good.


When you think of sunsets over the red Marrakech, it is easy to see why people fall in love with this tourist gem. The rich cultural heritage of Morocco along with its stunning geography has tourists flocking here every year. There are so many beautiful things to see, do, and eat as you discover the legacy of Morocco.

For all its beauty, Morocco has very poor public transport. Moving in between cities and towns can be a nightmare. The coastal section does have decent connectivity though, it is the interior that is a tad bit difficult. However, this actually can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you an opportunity to go off the beaten track and explore the other side of Morocco, the one unsullied by tourist traps. This is where going for a guided tour ofMoroccobecomes exciting.

Get a local tour guide to unveil the back roads of the Berber hills, giving you a tour of real village life in the Atlas highlands. Let them guide you through the lost villages in the desert, giving you insight into the beauty and importance of oases. Then allow them to guide you through the wild of the Ouarzazate Valley before heading to the coastal paradise cities. The hidden gems and treasures are best explored with the help of local guides.

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