3 reasons why Istanbul makes Turkey a country like no other

Turkey, a country of trans-continental identity, is one defining destination for the traveller willing to seek and compare his tours all over the globe. Its trail of history, combined with its excessive stretch of progress and development, has fast-forwarded its evolution between each extreme. The heart of it all is Istanbul, the federal capital, which includes a few main landmarks being a must-see for anyone stepping foot in the country. For this very reason Book yourself cheap flights to Turkey and have a splendid trip to this lavish destination.

Hagia Sophia: merging Islamic and Christian designs into one

With historic conquests over the time of the crusades as well as successive invasions of the Islamic empire, Turkey has certain elements which uniquely bear traces of both Latin and Middle Eastern influence forged into one. The Hagia Sophia is one outstanding religious site which exhibits it all. Even though now it’s declared as a museum, the Hagia Sophia retains complete aspects of both being a mosque as well as a church. The heightened domes above the entire prayer halls stream in light over patterns of mosaic and delicate tile work made over centuries. May it be the pillars, the arches, or even the entrances to the enclave, the architectural designs have been made to leave the building grand in its significance. Numerous rulers from the Roman and Byzantine empires as well as the sultanate have left their contributions, may it be in the form of portraits, artifacts, or even an entire library.

The Hodjapasha Cultural Center

The Hodjapasha Cultural Center is an exemplary official institution which could serve to represent its country in a specified domain. Established within circular chambers emitting an aura of glowing lights both from the dance floor and the roof, the entire dance performances are led into a charm leaving every spectator spellbound till the end. Folk performances depicting tales from the four corners of Turkey are also enacted, with certain stunts far beyond the domains of any circus. Among the most traditional of all are the ‘whirling dervishes’; a group of male dancers draped in long shirts which are left floating in sweeping motion as they spin in rhythm of simple beats and tunes. Their moves are believed to be made in a mystic pursuit for the purpose of life, a soulful quest blended in the origins of Sufism. Other dance troupes pour in a flare of talents displayed with vibrant colors and unending stamina.

Topkapi Palace: The might of the Ottoman Empire

Primarily the first and the largest of the Ottoman residences in the region, the Topkapi Palace had been inhabited by the ruling hierarchy for over four centuries. The magnanimity of the entrance gates resonate the scale of activity which had been present in the palace’s prime age. Each gate marks a different perimeter as well as a different period of successive rule. The terraces of the palace include entire courtyards which were used to host feasts and events for the general public, and today give a panoramic view over the surrounding settlements as well as the neighboring river. Fountains of sparkling water leave the place in a refreshing ambience, while relics and monuments are also spread within the premises. Apart from the segregated courtyards, an entire pavilion includes a series of state buildings such as an armory, treasury, libraries and other institutions. The museum palace has secured important Islamic relics which hail from the birth of the religion in Saudi Arabia.

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