3 Tips for Using Images With Travel Blogs

There are three considerations about travel – the past, the present, and the future. In the past, you’ve been certain places. You’ve experienced certain things. You’ve had positive experiences, and you’ve had ones that you were happy were one and done. In the present, this is where you’d like to go right now, this very instant! A vacation. A trip. Relaxation. Challenge! And in the future, where would you like to go? Where do you desires lead you?

As you work through these considerations, it’s natural to want to write them down, as a method of communicating either to yourself in journal form, or to friends and family who live vicariously through you. Travel blogs are a great way to do this! But words alone won’t cut it – it’s necessary to fill your pages with images as well, and that is where these three tips are going to come in handy:

Analyze Stock Photography 

By surfing great stock photography sites, especially ones that are current, such as recent holidays, you’ll get an immediate idea of what is high quality and what is popular. Look for colors and shapes, sizes and ideas of movement. If there is text or framing, look for font choices or certain kinds of graphics. These are excellent resources to test your observational skills, and are one of the first places you should start checking out to begin learning how to incorporate images into your travel blog posts.

Practice With Your Equipment

If you’re planning on traveling, be sure to have your cell phone, tablet, camera, video camera combination ready. Depending on how much space you have to bring them with you, and the overall quality of recordings you want to make, there are a lot of decisions that will go into your overall vibe. Once you have your equipment ready, also be sure to practice with it a lot before you go out! It would be awful to find out you don’t have the right memory cards or aren’t sure how to use the options right when it comes time to do your digital duty. Look for camera reviews as a good place to start.

Understand the Science     

The science of image capture is an amazing thing. Just like you would assume a painter has to go through lots of training to understand composition and line, color and contract, and everything that goes with the creation of art on a blank canvas, so too does the photographer, and so too does the travel blogger! Look at training sites like Lynda.com for some great training opportunities, and no doubt you will be inspired by some of the courses that you find there as well.

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