3 Top Safe Chauffeur Cars in the World

Minicabs are the most recommended option to arrive in any new country or to explore different places in a new country. It is very essential to know about ways to book a minicab and how to avail good deals on it. You can consider hiring these services in advance to enjoy a stress-free holiday trip in the most astounding cities.

Only licensed and professional drivers who have a valid license (LPO) are allowed to drive minicabs or chauffeured cars. For first time visitors, these services offer a stress-free travel and relieve them of anxiety to find their way to car services with heavy luggage in a new country.

These car services are offered round the clock and are easily accessible. Simple and reliable minicabs are simply a great option, whereas a standard cab can prove too much expensive for you to depend on. Safety is always a major factor, which should be taken into consideration at the time of hiring minicab services. Not all types of automobiles are made equal and this is especially true where safety factor is concerned.

At the time of hiring services of the most safe cars or minicabs, there are number of other essential factors that should be considered such as safety, price, quality of services, etc. Safety of car is mainly measured against two important factors such as crash durability i.e. the ability of the car to resist a crash and the second one is ability of the car to prevent accident from taking place.

Let us have a brief discussion about the safest chauffeur cars:

1.      Audi A4 – It is the most preferred car by several chauffeur companies and does not disappoint you at any time. This car has achieved 5 star rating in the year 2009 and is also considered as one of the safest cars offered in the market.

For people who want to travel in a luxurious way can opt for this car model. The best thing about this model is that it offers the latest connectivity and safe technologies that boasts of well-tuned steering and tight handling.

 2.       BMW–5 series – This car model also received an award by NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). It is loaded with some impressive and useful features that add to its utility and significance in chauffeur car hire services. Its interior is very spacious and it offers excellent ride comfort to the occupants of the car. It has night vision and head-airbag system that provides utmost safety to the occupants of the car.

3.       Honda Accord – This is also one of the most popular car models preferred by minicab drivers. It has been given 5 star rating in 2009. Even though, it is little bit affordably priced, but it has still managed to bag a NCAP award for its Collision Mitigation Brake System that basically offers utmost safety against rear-end collisions with vehicles.

It comes with puncture proof tubeless tyres to offer hassle free journey to occupants of car. The tyre size of this car model also proves very helpful to maintain a good balance in slippery road and also reduces the chances of skidding.

Thus, you can consider your choice of car to enjoy hassle-free and comfortable ride.

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