3 Unique Dining Experiences in San Francisco

Have you ever enjoyed a four course meal while cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge? Have you ever eaten in the pitch dark, with no idea what the food in front of you looked like or where your companions were? Have you ever tried scrambled eggs paired with maple syrup and hot sauce? If not, you may not have taken advantage of all the fine dining options San Francisco has to offer. This city has long been renowned for a very colorful past and the current dining options will not leave you wanting. Included here are a few unique dining experiences you can find in San Francisco; you will be able to get ample taste of local cuisine, as well as enjoy beautiful sights and have experiences to talk about for years.

Cruise the Bay

Many people visit San Francisco every year simply to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What better way to view this National treasure than from a yacht on the bay? With certain cruise lines, you can enjoy a three hour cruise offering a tour of the bay as well as unique views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Offerings include a four-course seated dinner, music and entertainment, as well as dancing options. Cruises like this take place every night of the week and the ships can be hired for special occasions such as, anniversary, birthday or even your wedding.

Dine in the Dark

Some people say that if you remove one of your senses, your other senses become heightened. See for yourself with the unique dining experience at Opaque, a dine in the dark restaurant in San Francisco. This midnight meal takes place in a pitch-dark restaurant where you and your friends will be served by legally blind waiters and waitresses. The wait staff is well equipped to working in the dark and, being very spatially aware, are able to remember where you and each of your friends are sitting as well as your orders and names. You will have the experience of a lifetime to share for years to come and maybe a few messy memories as well. Remember to bring a change of clothes if you plan on going out on the town after dinner!

Introduction to Multi-Course Meals

If you are on the fence about paying large amounts of money for a multi-course meal, Lazy Bear may be the perfect start for you. At half the cost of many multi-course meals, this restaurant offers fresh flavors without the price tag. Offering unique wine and cocktail pairings with each course, you are free to enjoy the evening without making any hefty decisions. Enjoy “snacks” such as liver mousse, whipped scrambled eggs with maple syrup and hot sauce or grilled seaweed focaccia with cultured butter. Exotic main courses include rabbit, lamb or halibut. Dessert offerings include interesting pairings such as a rhubarb dessert with pink peppercorn, oat honey cakes and forest macaroons. Lazy Bear is unique in its food offerings as well as its community style service. Guests are offered appetizers and drinks upstairs in a comfortable room before being led downstairs to sit at communal tables of 20 for the main course. Chefs introduce each dish as well as encourage visitors to come and speak with them as they plate.

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