4 Budget Flavors in Seattle You Must Try

The Emerald City is prized by knowledgeable travelers as a food stop for several reasons. For one thing, the Pacific Northwest offers its restaurants access to an excellent array of readily available seafood.

And of course the coffee culture is way beyond that of any other region of the U.S. Thus, a number of restaurants in this bustling city offer a combination of food and coffee that you probably can’t experience anywhere else.

Best of all, these venues are all extremely affordable! Make sure you hit up these four delicious spots the next time you come through Seattle.

1. Pike Place Chowder

Got a hankering for fresh seafood? After you watch the fish vendors in Pike Place Market holler and toss fish, head over to Post Alley for some truly delicious concoctions.

You can dip into the traditional chowders, which are made with your choice of clam, smoked salmon, or southwest chicken. Or you can get wild with specialty chowder, which contains your choice of scallops or seafood bisque.

Need something heartier to fill your tummy? They don’t just serve chowders. Bite into a fresh Dungeness crab or Oregon Bay shrimp roll. Yum!

2. Tsukushinbo

This hidden gem in the International District does not have a sign on the door, but it’s always packed full of hungry and eager customers. Tsukushinbo features a broad array of popular Japanese cuisine, along with some dishes you might have never tried before, such as cow tongue.

Stop by during lunch for savory and affordable ramen specials, or come in during the evening for an astonishing palette of colorful sushi. While this venue isn’t very expensive, it can fill up quickly, so try to make reservations in advance, if you can.

3. Paseo’s

The sandwiches here are so good that Seattleites and visitors are willing to stand outside in the wind and rain, lined up to get a taste of this Caribbean-inspired cuisine.

The Caribbean roast is the most popular sandwich. It contains tender pork shoulder soaked in a special marinade, aioli, romaine lettuce, and caramelized onion, all surrounded by a crisp baguette.

Make sure to bring cash and anticipate a slight wait, since this place is always jam-packed with customers. Seating is also limited, so be prepared to scope out a table early.

4. Espresso Vivace Roasteria

If you’re looking for a truly sublime espresso experience, then check out this Capitol Hill espresso shop. You won’t find traditional drip coffee here; these baristas have mastered the art of steamed milk and espresso, and they pour them out in carefully measured ratios.

They also excel at foam art, so get ready to be impressed. You can also get unique beverages such as the Café Nico, which contains espresso, steamed milk, orange syrup, orange zest, and a dash of cinnamon. Delicious!

Don’t say goodbye to Seattle without experiencing these venues. In between your stops to the Space Needle and EMP, you’ll need to fill up on some tasty bites that you can only get here.

You’ll be able to fly back home with a full wallet and stomach. Happy dining!

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