4 Reasons Traveling is the Time to Embrace Your Inner “Basic Bro”

When you’re an adult, taking a vacation is a time to immediately go into R&R mode. It’s a time to rejuvenate, kick back and let the stress of the daily grind melt away. Unfortunately, too many people pack their itinerary so tightly that they end up needing a vacation from their vacation. However, you can avoid this by embracing your inner “basic” self, the one who loves Starbucks, gift shops and basically everything you’re pretend to loathe.

You’re fully excused from acting like a sophisticated adult the entire time you’re checked out. However, this isn’t “just” an excuse, but a legitimate cause for basic celebration. Here are the biggest reasons why going basic on holiday isn’t just on tap, but actually good for you.

1. It allows your brain a vacation, too

It doesn’t matter that you usually sprinkle in some legitimate non-fiction and poetry with your reading. A plane or train trip is the perfect time to dabble in your secret love of YA novels, whether that includes vampires or not. It’s the time to indulge in gossip magazines. All you need is a distraction in order to get to your destination, and a crowded commuter isn’t the time to delve deep into real literature.

2. It lets you blend in with the locals

You’re going to find a McDonald’s and Starbucks in every corner of the world, and they’re just as beloved by locals there as at home. This certainly doesn’t mean this is where you should spend every meal (or even more than one). However, it’s fun to see the differences in other parts of the world, and this is actually where you’ll find a very eclectic smattering of locals and travelers from other reaches of the globe.

3. It allows for bonding

If you’re looking for some romance or to meet up with fellow travelers on your trip, nothing makes it simpler than leveling the playing field. Like attracts like, birds of a feather and all that jazz. If you seem familiar, you’re going to seem more approachable and that’s what’s going to lead to the introductions that make for an exciting and social trip.

4. Think less

When you’re not worried about snagging your new $400 swimsuit at the pool bar or whether or not your Burberry luggage will arrive with a stain, you can focus on what really matters.

There’s nothing wrong with basic. It’s a foundation and there for a reason.

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