4 Ways to Keep Up with Music Practice on Vacation

It’s tempting to leave your “real life” behind when you go on vacation, and to a certain extent you should. However, if you’re learning a new instrument or traveling with the family and you don’t want little Johnny to lose his guitar prowess, it’s important to make practice time even on holiday. Hopefully, this isn’t a chore but a treat that’s looked forward to; otherwise, you may want to reconsider time spent on this endeavor.

Obviously, some instruments are easier to travel with. You’ll have a much simpler time toting a flute than you will a bass or cello. However, if you’re going to be away from home for more than three days, it’s a good idea to make it work. When possible, carry the instrument with you but leave the other accoutrements (like sheet music) behind since there are ways to get what you need on vacation without packing it.

1. Plan your itinerary accordingly

Maybe on day one you have tickets to the zoo, reservations at a local restaurant for dinner, and plans to stroll around a neighborhood and duck into a late night gelato shop. Somewhere in that daily itinerary, you need to make room for practice. This can be a great way to recharge before the next adventure, and provides an excuse to go back to the hotel to freshen up.

2. Keep the sheet music fresh

When you download sheet music, endless options from Fur Elise to contemporary songs are at your fingertips. Plus, this ensures that you don’t need to pack heavy books of songs. Check out a music downloading site, and maybe even learn a vacation-themed song on your trip. Margaritaville is always a good choice.

3. Find an excuse to perform

If you or your child is at the point where performances are a good fit, research ahead of time and find a place where they can perform. It might just be at the hotel lobby, or there might be a showcase happening that’s open to all participants. If you have an audience, you’re naturally more prone to amp up those practices.

4. Check in with your teacher

This is a lot easier if you’re taking lessons online, but even if you take real life lessons, make sure these professionals hold you accountable even on vacation. This might be with regular emails and checkins, or it might be with an online lesson or two.

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