4 Ways to Network While You’re on Vacation

Have you set your email to auto-reply and packed your bags? You might be ready for your vacation, but what if you run into an extremely promising business contact or former colleague while you’re on the road?

You never know when you’ll meet someone important while you’re getting a little rest and relaxation. Don’t get stuck patting your pockets, and desperately searching for a pen and some paper.

Take a look at these four ways to network successfully while you’re traveling.

1. Spruce up social media

No one wants to waste a vacation on social media upkeep. So before you leave, make sure your professional social media accounts and portfolio are up to date.

Just imagine meeting an important new contact or prospective employer during your travels. What would you like the person to see? Clean up unprofessional content, update your contact information, and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

2. Have your phone ready

For many of us, taking a vacation is all about disconnecting from the world. However, taking your cell phone with you, even if it’s mostly turned off, can be a smart move while you’re traveling.

If you encounter individuals or groups of people you’d like to stay in touch with, you can input their contact information on the go. Taking your phone can also provide you with crucial location information if you decide to meet someone for drinks.

3. Watch for mingling opportunities

While chilling out on the beach or resting in a hotel room can help you recharge, chances are you’ll find yourself getting restless during periods of downtime. Swing by your hotel front desk to see if they host social gatherings in their bar or restaurant.

Check local event listings to see what bands are playing in your area. Who knows, you might meet your next business partner while exploring the nightlife in a new city!

4. Take business cards

Before you leave the hotel, make sure you snag a few crisp, high-quality business cards. Carry them in your wallet or a card case, so they don’t get bent, creased, or scuffed.

You can make a long-lasting impression on people you meet by having your business card ready. These cards can also give you space to write small notes in case you need to follow up with a new contact.

Your vacation should help you unwind and forget the pressures of the daily grind. But you don’t want to miss valuable networking opportunities when they present themselves.

Keep your social media tidy before leaving and bring tools such as your smartphone and business card whenever you exit the hotel. Happy travels!

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