5 Absolute Essentials For a Cross-Country Road Trip

I recently took a cross country trip from Georgia to Idaho. I’ve always taken my road trips on the spur of the moment. This road trip was something I’ve anticipated for awhile, but I didn’t plan it. I never do. I simply decided to drive to Austin to visit my sister, and from there I went to do some sight-seeing in Idaho.

Essential 1: Munchies and soda.

I pulled out of the driveway, and thirty minutes later stopped to fill up with gas. About six exits later, I stopped for something to munch on. So within an hour I should have been at least 65 miles away, but the two stops held my progress to only 40 miles.

Essential 2: Library audio books.

I drove for about four hours and put a lot of miles behind me before I had to take a restroom break. I pulled into a large truck stop and topped off the gas tank. Afterward, I went inside the station to look at their selection of audio books. I was about to finish the one I had and didn’t want to spend the rest of the trip listening to static on the radio. Unfortunately, at this point in the game, the selection of books was almost impossibly small. There was next to nothing there that even sparked my interest.

Essential 3: Camera.

After a pleasant and restful stay with my sister in Austin, she and her husband took me to a popular breakfast place called Bobo’s, across from a car wash. The place was packed and the food was delicious. As a young girl, I was a huge fan of professional wrestling. I finally came to the realization that the man at the table next to ours was Wrecking Ball! He graciously offered to pose with me for a picture, but all I had was an outdated pay-in-advance phone and no camera.

Essential 4: CD’s.

Somewhere between San Antonio and El Paso there is nothing but highway. The few exits along the way are barren of gas stations. The radio stations are few. I finally found an exit with a gas station. I went inside to check their selection of CD’s. They only had a few cassette’s. My sedan isn’t equipped with a cassette player.

Essential 5: Binoculars.

As I drove into the mountainous area of Flagstaff, I began seeing cautionary signs warning of elk and cougars. I longed to have one of those magnificent animals cross my path. At last, atop a ridge, I made out the shape of a cougar walking casually. I squinted at the lovely animal until it disappeared into the sunset.

For your next road trip, plan carefully and Happy Motoring!

About Author: Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She is a small business owner and loves to spend her spare time working on cars and in the great outdoors hiking. As a young girl, she often watched her father work on cars at an Austin Volkswagon Repair Shop which gave her a passion for engines.

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