5 Amazing Things to Do in St. Lucia

Situated on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, tourists have been drawn to the island of St Lucia for many years and with very good reason. Apart from the fact that it is in a part of the world that is very popular among discerning holidaymakers, it is differentiated from other islands in the region by its mountainous terrain. Created by volcanic activity, it offers visitors many excellent spots from which to enjoy splendid views across the island and out to sea.

If you have the chance to visit, it is definitely worth taking. In addition to the fascinating terrain, wonderful views and the mild climate for which the Caribbean is famous, there are many activities that adventurous holidaymakers can sample during their stay on the island. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists that are looking for something more exciting than just sun, sand and sea. I have listed 5 of the most interesting activities that you can enjoy on St Lucia below, to give you an idea of what is available.

1.    Possibly the most famous attraction on the island is the St Lucia volcano, which is said to be the world’s only drive-in volcano. If driving into the heart of the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles does not sound like your cup of tea, do not fear. There are plenty of more sedate pastimes that can be experienced on a trip to the island, such as walking along the beautiful beaches or simply relaxing with a cocktail and enjoying the view from the balcony of your holiday villa.

2.    Whilst it is not strictly an activity that can be enjoyed on the island, as it takes place at sea, I am including whale watching because the tours leave from St Lucia and usually stay within a couple of miles of the coast near Soufriere, where the most exciting sightings tend to occur. There are a number of species of whale that can be seen in the waters around the island of St Lucia such as short-finned pilot whales, humpback whales, false killer whales, sperm whales and Bryde’s whales. Additionally, various different types of dolphin are native to the region and can be spotted throughout the year.

3.    Deep sea fishing. Keen anglers will relish the opportunity to pit their wits against the game fish that are in plentiful supply in this part of the Caribbean. White marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish and red snapper are just a few of the species that you are likely to encounter on a sailing trip along the west coast and with local boat owners happy to supply all the tackle you need, as well as refreshments throughout the day, all you need to bring along is yourself.

4.    Staying with the watery theme of the last two activities, scuba diving is a very popular pastime in this part of the world. The warm waters and coral reefs of the Lesser Antilles provide the ideal habitat for numerous different species of tropical marine fish, making diving in these waters a very colourful and exciting experience. Online travel agents such as simplystluciaholidays uk are a great help and can supply details of where you can find scuba instructors on the island, meaning that it should not be difficult to organise a diving expedition during your holiday, even if you have little or no previous experience.

5.     Back on dry land, the last activity on my list is horse riding. Although there is no need to travel to St Lucia in order to ride a horse as you can more than likely find stables offering this activity much closer to your home, there is something very special about riding through areas of tropical rainforest and galloping across white coral sands, lapped by the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In the unlikely event that none of the above activities appeal, you can find numerous other ways of passing time on the island. Some of the pastimes that did not quite make my list include quad biking, golf, tennis, sailing trips, duty free shopping excursions and helicopter rides. Whatever you like to do, you can be sure that your St Lucia break will never be boring.

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