5 Best Practices of Efficient Business Travellers

If your company expects you to travel on a regular basis to meet clients and strike deals, you’ll know how stressful these occasions can be. Often, you’re on a rapid tour without much time for relaxation or simply enjoying yourself. Those who travel frequently may dread the next trip as it conjures visions of long hours, lengthy flights and quick meals. If this sounds familiar, fear not as there are plenty of ways in which you can make your next business trip more efficient and a lot less stressful.

1. Think Diet & Exercise

Think about the daily office routine. In order for you to function properly, you need to eat the right food and have time away from your desk. The same applies to any corporate adventures overseas. Instead of grabbing whatever you can to eat, make sure to plan everything in the proper manner. For example, try to avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar as these will make you feel tired and anxious. Instead, you should opt for a diet filled with healthy vitamins and minerals to give you energy for dealing with the hectic schedule in your new location. Also take a moment to stretch the legs every so often. Go for a walk every hour or so. If your hotel has a gym or swimming pool, 15 minutes there will refresh your energy levels as well!

2. Change Your Mind Set

The way that you view your upcoming business trip will also have a drastic effect on whether you struggle with it or simple breeze through the occasion. Instead of viewing the event as a punishment or prison sentence, it will be better to see your trip as a learning occasion, an adventure to benefit from. For instance, you can:

  • Acknowledging that the unexpected will occur
  • Having backup plans to make the most of delays
  • Bringing some comfort items on the flight
  • Incorporate some ‘you time’ into the trip

Remember that half the battle with stress is your mental attitude. Before the trip, make the effort to adjust your mind and you’ll experience far less tension.

3. Find a Suitable Workplace

Having a professional environment in which to work is also essential for an efficient business trip. The average hotel room is poorly equipped for the corporate traveller after all! Instead, browse over any fully furnished executive suites for rent in the area you’re visiting. These sites can be leased on a daily basis, giving you complete flexibility when choosing an office. Regardless of how long you’re in a certain city, renting one of the following is recommended:

  • Serviced offices
  • Hot-desk facilities
  • Co-working spaces
  • Meeting rooms

There are plenty of short-term corporate settings on offer around the world for you to take advantage of. With a suitable workplace, you can conduct all necessary tasks without much struggle.

4. Try to Pack Light

The smart business traveller also knows to minimise the amount of gear they bring along. If possible, try and fit everything into one small carry-on bag so you don’t have to fret about checking in and collecting your baggage every time you depart or arrive at the airport. Avoiding any checked in bags will also help reduce your costs, giving you more cash to spend on other items during the trip. Furthermore, having fewer items will mean less time spent packing and unpacking while overseas. Overall, this is a simplification that is well worth the time spent streamlining your bags.

5. Make Bookings in Advance

Our last tip is to prepare everything well before you fly out. If possible, book your plane tickets, hotel rooms and transportation several months prior to your departure. Also do your research about local restaurants that you may wish to try out so you have your dining schedule planned as well. By noting everything down in this manner, you’ll then gain more control over your itinerary. This will then reduce your stress as you know precisely what you have to do and where you have to go on each day of the trip.

These five tips will ensure your next corporate journey is far more efficient, allowing you to fulfil all corporate obligations without putting too much pressure on you while there.

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