5 Best Romantic Destinations in North America for Honeymoon

As the third largest continent in the world, North America is a delight to every traveler. It offers a magnificent number of hotspots that feature diverse culture and civilization. This is why it is no wonder that many newly married couples search for discount flight tickets to the top romantic destinations in the continent. Cheap flights are available at Flight Network, making it much easier for honeymooners to visit cities oozing with vibrant colors, life, and history.

If going on a honeymoon in North America is your dream, here are the best places to go to where you can see and experience the adventure you want:

Niagara Falls:

The spectacular Niagara Falls is famous not only because of the three waterfalls, but also for the eye-captivating environment that surrounds the area. There are many attractions and activities to enjoy here, making it one of the best places for water sports fans and nature lovers.

This is perfect for those who want a private place filled with enthralling waterfalls. Niagara Falls has everything you have ever dreamed of. You can have a peaceful yet romantic walk with your husband or wife, pose at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge, or have fun with the water waves at the Niagara River.


Alaska has a ton of adventures and even has miles and miles of spa, malls, and nightlife. Anyone who is on a romantic getaway will surely be fascinated by the charm of the state and the hospitality of the people. Apart from the breathtaking snow-covered mountains, you have a great number of scenes to watch and places to visit.

Stroll down to the bustling streets of the state and get to know more about the village culture or the silk cities. Experience the coffee in Alaska or you can go see the interesting wildlife. Native Heritage and Oscar House Museums are perfect stopovers for those who enjoy historical elements. Alaska though has unpredictable weather, but the most ideal is to book for cheap flights during May to September.

St. Louis City:

Located in the USA, St. Louis is most famous for its rich parks and gardens. If you and your sweetheart are fond of flora and fauna, then this is a great place to opt for. It is laden with remarkable spots for sightseeing and effortless walks. Most popular selections are the Anheuser-Busch Factory, Peabody Opera House, and the City Garden.

If you want to spend an evening out, there is always lively nightlife in St. Louis. Plus, there are restaurants for a romantic dinner. You can also see the Mississippi River and have a dreamy walk along it.


If you are searching for a honeymoon destination that offers swaying palm trees, golden beaches, and turquoise waters, there is no other state in North America to go to. There are many islands to visit including Hawaii Island, Lanai, Maui, and Oahu. You just have to take your pick.

There is so much to see for newlyweds in Hawaii and the whole experience will definitely be something to remember. There are romantic day trips, waterfalls, spas, and views that will take your breath away. Some of the popular hotspots here are the Hamakua Heritage Corridor and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


The city of Chicago in Illinois is a great destination for those on a honeymoon. There are so many things to do here – from watching plays and movies to enjoying the beaches to admiring gardens. You will never run out of entertainment here during your stay.

Spend your night while walking along the Chicago River for an evening that you two will never forget. You can also have a private dinner at a boat or just hang around at night while the city is filled with light from night lamps.

From breathtaking beaches to scenic hills to a secluded spot, the North American continent does offer variety for couples in love. You can have a romantic getaway without spending much by planning ahead and finding discount flight tickets that you can afford.


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