5 Destinations that you never realised you really want to go

Caño Cristale

There are certain places you know you want to go to… New York, Paris, Rome and then there are places that you might have never considered but that’s only because you don’t know why you would want to go there.  This planet is jam-packed with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, here are a few amazing destinations that might just make you have to book a holiday!…


Ethiopia is a hive of tectonic activity and is packed with natural wonders.  It’s one of the few places in the world you can climb an active volcano and see a lava lake inside.  Witness bubbling mineral pools, impressive castles and explore the abundance of wildlife on a safari.  Ethiopia is a foodies delight with so many interesting dishes to taste, you won’t want to leave!  It’s a country that has something for everyone from ruins and waterfalls to hot springs and market bazaars.


With rivers so pure you can drink out of them, Iceland is a truly unique destination with plenty to keep even the most active person busy.  Adventurers will love discovering lava tubes and ice caves, and explorers will be thrilled with glacier hiking or diving  to see where the three tectonic plates meet.  Also a great place for relaxing you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent of the Northern lights, or enjoy a day trip on the sea to try and spot seals and whales.


We all know Colombia has a bad reputation but outside the somewhat dangerous cities there are many magical places that you would have never believed to exist – Caño Cristales for example which is a river that runs with all the colours of the rainbow.  Go on a trek in the mountains to discover the Lost City of Teyuna  – or laze on one of the many stunning white powder beaches and snorkel in turquoise waters.


Pristine lakes and stunning mountain backdrops makes Slovenia’s scenery captivating.  There is plenty of opportunity for hiking, and the country is abundant with caves; many of which are very impressive and at certain time soft h eyear you can even see frozen waterfalls.  Slovenia is also well known for its wineries so wine tastings are a must!


This beautiful country offers a diverse range of sights and culinary delights!  The food is heavenly as you might expect from an Asian country.  Rich with superb temples and reclining Buddha’s the country is a historians dream.  With such a beautiful landscape a hot air balloon ride over Bagan is mesmerizing and should definitely be high up on the ‘things to do’ list.  Soak up the sun while you admire the idyllic beaches which make it so it’s easy to relax.  There are many activities for those that want a bit of action; from shopping opportunities and sailing cruises to cooking schools and floating markets.

This article is written by Andrea Crome, an adventure seeker that aims to see and do everything everywhere at least once!  Andrea works for WorldSIM, a travel accessories company that offer a range of products to shrink international roaming costs.

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