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There are many fun things that one can do in London that range from theater, dining, dancing and the list continues. The Old Times at Harold Pinter Theater is one of London’s oldest comedy theaters and has hosted many popular premieres such as Tennessee Williams’ Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Robert Anderson’s Tea and Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge. One may not know where to begin with everything that London’s West End has to offer, so it’s best to start with 5 fun places that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Billy Elliott is an explosive family oriented musical about a young boy who wishes to be a ballerina, despite the conflict he faces. His father is heavily against the idea and has a dream for Billy to become a miner for a living. The beautiful story continues as Billy pushes forward to fight to live his dream as a dancer and secretly joins the Royal Ballet school. The audience will love the graceful movements of the choreography and the foot-stomping musical lyrics that excite everyone as they watch Billy make his dancing dream a reality. This performance is at the Royal Palace Theater along with other popular theater locations in the West End.

2. For adults who want to enjoy both great food and a great time, they will need to make their way down to Gingerline HQ. Gingerline HQ is a banquet style dine in restaurant that is sure to pique the interest of those who love adventure and fun. This restaurant is a fusion of a Victorian style cuisine, which includes a five course meal with a cocktail. After dinner, guests will enjoy interacting in circuses, plunging into mess halls which is reflective of medieval times. Gingerline HQ is a very mysterious yet exciting entertainment a interactive restaurant that visitors will be sure to never forget.

3. Ministry of Sound is for those who love the nightclub scene, as it is one of London’s most popular club scenes. It has attracted thousands of clubbers from around the world with it’s three large dancehalls, four bars and thundering heart-pounding beats that play the entire night. Every Friday and Saturday clubbers will be able to enjoy a fusion of techno, dancehall, electro music, just to name a few. There are music battles between DJ’s that will engage and excite the audience as they showcase their skills and hard-hitting beats.

4.On an Average day is one of the many comedy performances that is showing at the Harold Pinter theater. On an Average Day is about a man named Robert who comes home from home to New York, after being away for over a decade. He discovers his brother, Jack has a very different outlook on life. Robert and Jack’s dynamic is reestablished as Robert soon finds out that Jack has been hiding something from him all these years. The audience will enjoy the hilarious moments in this emotionally driven story that reminds them of how exciting things can happen on an typical average day.

5. Tourists should not miss Buckingham Palace, if they happen to be on London’s West End. The home is a gorgeous mansion that will hypnotize anyone who enters. It’s entertainment reception halls are adorned with lavish wall paintings, where most of the dinner and dance parties happened. Audiences will be in awe as they walk up the staircase and view Arab Hall, which is the latest attraction featuring an array of mosaics and glazed tile architecture.

About The Author: Angelina Lawson is a homemaker, a mother of two and a movie buff. In her spare time she loves to visit museums and gorge on ice cream. She also Does Research On  London’s oldest comedy theaters like  Old Times at Harold Pinter Theater. You can find more about Her at Boxoffice.co.uk

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