5 Great Attractions to Visit in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is considered the main business and financial centre of Germany. It is located on the River Main and is home to the busiest airport in Germany, the European Central bank and the German Stock Exchange. It’s a bustling place that attracts students, business people and conference attendees from all over the world. This top-class city has a number of excellent museums, theatres and a well-known opera and it offers a range of high quality entertainment for visitors and locals alike.

During your visit to Frankfurt, you will be impressed by the number of interesting attractions that this city has to offer. Here are some ideas of what you can do during your trip to Frankfurt:

1.      Take a Historic Walk aroundthe Romerberg

The Romerberg is the city centre of Frankfurt, a truly beautiful architectural wonder. As you walk through this area of town, you will see the City Hall (called the Romer), a gorgeous Gothic Church and several other buildings from the 15th century. Keep in mind that many of the buildings in this historic centre were destroyed during World War II, so they have been lovingly reconstructed to match their original appearance. There are several lovely cafes and shops in this area of town where you can enjoy a relaxing lunch and a cup of coffee.

 The historic Romerberg in Frankfurt city centre

Image Source: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3330/3620229979_d58196fbeb.jpg

2.      Enjoy the View from the Main Tower

The only public viewing platform in Frankfurt is the Main Tower, which is a 56 story building that is named after the nearby Main River. For a 5 Euro entry fee you can head to the viewing area on the top and enjoy the stunning views over the city and the river. There is also a restaurant on the 53rd floor, where you can enjoy your lunch while gazing out the window.

 A view from the Main Tower in Frankfurt

Image Source: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4113/5058396226_35f8d35d1c.jpg

3.      Go Museum Hopping

Frankfurt has a number of excellent museums, so why not spend a day of your holiday exploring as many as you like? Many of the museums are clustered together in a district called Museumsufer, which makes it easy to walk between them. You can buy a Museumsufer Ticker which will save you money on admission to all municipal museums on two consecutive days. There are many museums here to keep you occupied, including the German Architecture Museum, the Museum of Regional Historic Art and Culture and the German Film Museum.

4.      Have a Picnic in Gruneburgpark

This is the largest public park in Frankfurt and it is a wonderful place to relax on a sunny afternoon. You will see many young people sitting back and joggers running up and down the trails. Take a picnic from the market with plenty of bread, meats and cheese and enjoy an alfresco snack while people-watching.

5.      Go Shopping Along the Zeil

This is the main shopping street in the city of Frankfurt and one of the most well-known and popular shopping streets in Europe. It features a number of excellent department stories as well as the Zeilgalerie shopping complex. If you love luxurious brand names, you can head to the nearby Goethestraße for upscale shopping. You are sure to find a few lovely treats and souvenirs to bring home with you in your suitcase.

Although Frankfurt might not be the most popular German travel destination and is often overshadowed by the hipster art scene of Berlin or the historic charm of Munich – this city still has a lot to offer for visitors and is worth a trip.

To experience the city at its best use the Le Tour chauffeur service Frankfurt. These are just a few of the interesting attractions that you can enjoy on your visit to Frankfurt.

Image Credits: Ana Paula Hirama and Xavier de Jaureguiberry

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