5 Ideas For Car Trip Around Hobart

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and the oldest (after Sydney) Australian city. Hobart, as the entire island of Tasmania is quite unlike the rest of Australia. Here is a completely different climate, nature and landscapes that resemble England, Africa and New Zealand at the same time. Let’s finish this boring description of the city and see what attractions you can see with your car rental vehicle!

Notice that “Journey time” means how much it takes to get to the attraction by car from the Hobart International Airport.

1. Mount Wellington

Location: -42.895491, 147.238248

Journey time: 45 min


Mount Wellington offers one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in Australia. Its height is 1271 meters and it isn’t surprising that top of the mountain is often covered with snow, sometimes even in summer.

On the slopes of Mount Wellington there are several charming waterfalls, which can also be reached by trails. If the weather is really bad you can enjoy sights from a special observation building.


2. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Location: -42.864358, 147.33097

Journey time: 17 min


Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens spreads over an area of 14 hectares. Founded in 1818 on the east bank of the River Derwent, this botanical garden is the 2nd oldest in Australia.

Some of its collection of plants and trees date back to the XIX century. There is the world’s only Pavilion of sub-Antarctic plants in these botanical gardens. In general, you can see around 6500 plants!


3. Fern Tree Village

Location: -42.923906, 147.261125

Journey time: 28 min


Since the mid-XIX century these lands became the main holiday destination of Hobart. Nowadays there is a supermarket, an old tavern, fire station and old St. Raphael Church in the Fern Tree village. There are also many picnic areas, so you can spend a really nice time here!


4. Shot Tower

Location: -42.955669, 147.337276

Journey time: 32 min

Shot tower is one of the most famous historic buildings in Hobart surroundings. Built in 1870 by an immigrant from Scotland Joseph Moir, the tower is 48 m heigh.

The current owners of the tower, the heirs of Joseph Moir, have turned Shot Tower into a popular tourist attraction.

Many tourists are ready to overcome 300 steps to the top of tower and admire wonderful and at the same moment dizzying views over the mouth of Derwent River.


5. Salmon Ponds & Museum of Trout Fishing

Location: -42.754055, 146.969344

Journey time: 50 min


Salmon Ponds is the most famous and old fish hatchery in the southern hemisphere. It was founded in 1860, and since the late XIX century has been one of the popular places for picnics among residents and Hobart visitors.

The interesting fact is that there are much more trouts than salmons. You will find the Museum of Trout Fishing and Hall of Fame on the territory of Salmon Ponds. The museum shows the progress of the fishing equipment during 150 years!


How to see all the attractions in few days?

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