5 Nightclubs To Go To While You’re in Europe

No Euro-trip is complete without going to a nightclub. It’s safe to assume that of all the continents in the world, Europe’s night life really packs a punch. If you’re in the midst of your own Euro Trip, here’s some of the best nightclubs to go to.

Amnesia, Ibiza

Aptly name, Amnesia has been the quintessential backdrop for some unforgettable moments in clubbing history. This club is for the all-rounders who enjoy a variety of sounds from genres like, techno, house, trance, dubstep and on the odd occasion – live shows. The talent pool isn’t lacking here at Amnesia, with Skrillex, Knife Party, Deadmau5, Afrojack, and even Paris Hilton on the billing. The dance floors are known to get hot and crowded but that just adds to the communal atmosphere. Look out for Amnesias’ famous ice canons, that go off at any time, spraying a cool mist over the crowd.

Space, Ibiza

Space boasts more awards than any other nightclub in the world and is known as the Mecca of electronic music. It was awarded Best Global Club at the International Dance Awards 2005, 2006 and again in 2012. It is a wonderland that has to be seen to be believed, however it is only open during the summer season. There is an outdoor stage where partiers from every aspect of the world join together for sunshine and beats. It’s capable of packing a crowd of 20,000 and attracts the best DJ’s including Carl Cox, who has hosted parties there for the past twelve years. Their events can run from late afternoon and right through to the next day, which is a considerable change from what us Aussie’s are used to. Goodbye 2am lockout, hello Space Ibiza!

Micca Club, Rome

For something a bit different than your typical techno establishment, indulge in a late night Burlesque show at Micca Club. Once an enormous wine cellar, this club has turned the winding passages and tunnels of its underground space into an upmarket burlesque and swing dancing club. A long list of cocktails and tittilating numbers from some of the top burlesque performers is not the only thing you’d expect to find at Micca; the expansive venue features an art and photography gallery, private rooms with table service and a smoking area. Once the nightly show has finished up, the party goes into full swing – literally – as the swing dancers congregate of the retro dance floor to the sounds of a live big band.

Ministry of Sound, London

Ministry of Sound is one of the more world renowned night clubs and is essentially a brand in itself. Everybody has owned a Ministry of Sound compilation CD at one point in their life. Even after 22 years, MOS remains at the forefront of the global dance music movement. What was once a bus depot has now transformed into a hub for 24 hour partying Thursday to Saturday. It features innovative sprung floors that will never tire your dancing feet, a world class sound system and a noise containing design; which is why they can operate around the clock.

Pacha, Ibiza

The list can’t be complete with Pacha in Ibiza. They are number one of virtually every Best Of list and has five rooms to cater any kind of music taste. Like disco soul music? They’ve got a room for you. If you want to relive the 80’s, there’s a club restaurant with your name it. If you want to take the party upstairs, then you can’t forget to visit the Roof Terrace, which is perfect for lounge music, cocktails and couches, all under the Spanish sky. Of course, there’s plenty of house and techno for the rest of the party go-ers.

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