5 Reasons Psychologists Prescribe a Vacation

As you may know, things look different in the light of a new day, and the same is true when you give yourself a new perspective from a different place. Break out of your routine, look at new landscapes, and you might just be on the path to a breakthrough. Sometimes what you need is to shake things up.

Humans are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut for better or worse. Whether you’re talking to a psychologist about childhood traumas, the stress over a divorce, or simply as a means of checking in with a professional and unbiased party, you might be due for a vacation prescription.

Here are a few of the ways a trip can improve your mental and emotional health.

1. A fresh take on things

Being in a different place and/or breaking up your routine can help you see your situation in a different light. A perspective you’ve struggled to adopt can suddenly be easy when you’re at a hotel on the beach or camping in the great outdoors.

A vacation may sometimes accomplish what hours on the couch cannot, and psychologists know this.

2. Stress relief

When done right, vacations can relieve stress, and that may open you up to making a psychological breakthrough. Sometimes those walls are built up from stress alone and the only way to break them down is by slowing down yourself.

3. It calls for new problem-solving skills

Maybe you’re used to trying to solve problems in your relationships or at work. But when the problem is how to obtain an emergency passport when yours got stolen overseas, your brain starts working in different ways.

You’ll find new avenues for adjusting, which can translate into other facets of your life.

4. It makes you stop thinking

Instead of brooding for the hundredth time over why your mom gets so much under your skin, you’re get to thinking about other things — such as whether to get that salt body scrub, which museum to check out first, or which landmark should be first on your to-do list.

Thinking about less serious things can relax your mind and emotions.

5. You deserve to have fun

Many psychologists will say that adults are great at punishing themselves but can be tight with the fun allowance. When you “get permission” to have fun, suddenly it’s a lot easier than you imagined.

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