5 Reasons To Move To South Africa

An Emerging Nation

South Africahas had a long and troubled history. It’s difficult past has had a lasting effect on its reputation, as well as the wider economy and society. Though the country still has its problems it is beginning to shed its past and many people are starting to see that. Whilst it already has a large expat community, with over 200,000 originating from theUKalone, more and more people are starting to seeSouth Africaas a potential destination, when thinking about moving abroad.

Reasons To Live In South Africa

As more and more people are moving toSouth Africa, the news is starting to spread quickly about all the great reasons to live there. Though there are as many different reasons as there are expats, here are some of the top reasons people are choosingSouth Africa:

  • Amazing weather – this reason often comes top of why people move toSouth Africa. The climate is extremely favourable, there are only a couple of months of winter, which are still warm during the day time and the air isn’t too humid in summer so there is no need for expensive air conditioning. The comfortably warm summers are perfect for enjoying the outdoors.
  • Landscapes –South Africa has some world class landscapes. Whether it’sTableMountain in Cape Town, or some of the vast plains there is a real variety to the kinds of landscapes there are to see. This means it will take much more than a short visit to even begin to experience everythingSouth Africa has to offer.
  • Diverse nation – the country isn’t called the Rainbow Nation without good reason. Once known for its inequality, the country is now proud to have many different kinds of people all living and working together for a better future. There is no risk of getting stuck in an expat enclave inSouth Africa as the friendly mix of people you will meet just walking in the street will ensure that you make all kinds of different friends.
  • Wine – if you enjoy a glass of wine now and then you’ll never run out of the local brands as South Africa is the 7th biggest exporter of wine in the world. The famous route 62 around theCape is the longest wine trail in the world.
  • Low cost of living – the exchange rate with the South African Rand is very favourable and even the cost of buying a medium sized house is well under half what you could expect to pay in countries such as the UK

Getting Ready To Go

Moving house can be a difficult process at the best of times, moving to a whole new country can be much harder. There are many things to think about and make decisions about. One thing that is often tricky is getting the right visa. Whether it is work or just long term residency we can help make the process easier for you. This then can leave you to arrange the other details and then focus on all the great benefits your new life inSouth Africa will bring you.

About Author : The author is an expat living in Cape Town. He and his family moved here over 5 years ago when his company relocated. He has learnt a lot in his time living in South Africa and hopes to share that experience through his writings in various blogs online. There is no plan for his family to move “home” as South Africa has become their new home.


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