5 Things To Do This Summer on Vancouver Island

butchart gardens

If you are reading this and have no idea where Vancouver Island is, let me help you.

Vancouver Island is the farthest point west in the country of Canada. It’s about 62 square miles in size and takes around 9 hours to drive from the southernmost city of Victoria to the northern most town of Port Hardy.

I’ve been lucky enough to live here my whole life. It’s truly a beautiful and diverse island with many different geographical areas. There are valleys, mountains and of course since it’s an island, it’s surrounded by water!

Its sheer beauty makes it a top tourist destination. Even more so after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games were hosted 30 kilometers away in Vancouver British Columbia. The exposure Vancouver Island received from the games has been tremendous.

If you are looking for a family vacation to the Pacific Northwest, head to Vancouver Island. When you get here, try to do these 5 things:

Butchart Gardens

butchart gardens
src: travel.nationalgeographic.com

No matter what time of year you visit Vancouver Island, Butchart Gardens is a must attend. During the summer the grounds are loaded with beautiful flowers. They even have weekly fireworks displays which are a great summer time treat.

In the winter they have some wonderful light displays that make it feel every so magical.

Zeballos Fishing Charter

Vancouver Island is known for it’s fishing. So why not enjoy a fishing charter and cook up your catch of the day at the wonderful Reel Obsession Fishing Lodge in Zeballos?

Many people have enjoyed these fishing charters during the months of May to September. Of course it’s good to go with experienced guides who know the area well.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Having grown up only a few minutes from Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, you must suspect that the beauty has worn off for me. Not the case. Little Qualicum Falls is an amazing spectacle of beauty. Thundering water rips down as you walk on the 6 kilometers of walking trails.

Cathedral Grove

The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s towering trees. Cathedral grove has many of said trees. This is not to far from Little Qualicum Falls and where I grew up. I can remember going there is grade 2 and we had our whole class of 20 + kids tie our arms together to try and wrap around the largest tree there. It didn’t happen! That gives you an idea of how big the trees are there.

Hike The West Coast Trail

Vancouver Island has its fair share of outdoor activities to partake in. One of those is the West Coast Trail. My girlfriend and I hiked this last year. It was amazingly beautiful but also difficult as well. The long part can take up to 6 days. And because it’s on the far west coast of the Island, the weather can be miserable in the dead of summer.

These are just 5 of the many things you can do when you visit Vancouver Island. If it’s a fishing charter that interests you, please visit Reel Obsession Sport Fishing for more information.

Author Bio: Jordan J. Caron is born and raised on Vancouver Island. He loves the outdoors and all the island has to offer.

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