5 Tips for Traveling in Developing Countries

When in a developing country, one must take notice of their surroundings and prepare for the trip well in advance. Problems can occur, and one can end up in a bad situation; however, with a smart strategy, a traveler can avoid most problems while visiting a developing country. Here are five tips for traveling in developing countries.


Without a doubt, when going to a third-world nation, one should have insurance. Since a minor accident or health scare can turn into a serious issue, one should sign up with an insurance agency. With this, a visitor can get the help he or she needs while on a trip.


Most westerners take clean water for granted. On the other hand, people in foreign lands do not have always have access to clean water. While dirty water will not usually harm a person too much, it can make them sick. For this reason, when visiting a developing nation, one should try to buy bottle water. Otherwise, a person may end up on the toilet for a few days.


It is hard to remember that, in some places, people do not have banks or ATM’s all over the place. Furthermore, with spotty infrastructure, one cannot always rely on a credit card. To combat this and avoid missing out on a meal or purchase, one should remember to carry plenty of cash.


When in a foreign country, one should understand the bribing culture. While it is wise to avoid getting into trouble in the first place, one should prepare by reading up on the culture. For example, while in Mexico, it is beneficial to offer a small cash bribe in lieu of going to jail.


Travelers to wealthy countries can usually speak some English to locals. On the other hand, in poor countries, one will often have trouble with speaking English all the time. To avoid communication problems, one should try to learn a few basic phrases in the native language of the locals.


It is wise for a person to avoid driving while in a developing country. While some roads look safe, there are often potholes and other issues that grow out of hand. Instead, one should hire a professional driver with a nice and safe car. Remembers, one false move in a foreign road will result in problems.

When visiting developing nations, one should not fear many problems. With a proactive approach, a visitor should have no issues.

Author Bio: Karleia is a freelance blogger. She recommends signing up with Insure America insurance agency, if you are planning to travel overseas.

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