5 Unusual Yet Fun Things You Can Only Experience In Dubai

Dubai boasts of numerous well-known tourist spots and fun things you can do. As such, choosing which places to visit and things to do when you are visiting this emirate can be a daunting task, especially if you will only be staying in this city for a short holiday.

If you are pressed for time and can only do a limited number of touristy stuff, you cannot go wrong with selecting the most unique, fun, and memorable activities to do and places to visit in Dubai. When creating your shortlist of unusual and enjoyable things to do in Dubai, make sure you include the following:

1.    Go on an evening desert safari

Dubai is synonymous with desert adventures, so one of the first things you have to do in this city is to go on a desert safari. To experience a more unique, extraordinary, and fun activity out in the desert, make sure to go on this adventure at night.

When you go on a night safari, a trained guide will take you on an exciting tour where you can explore the desert under Dubai’s serene, starry skies and encounter some interesting nocturnal species. This one-of-a-kind of activity is usually conducted on vintage Land Rovers. You will also be given some night-vision binoculars and a headlamp to use in order to fully savor the stunning nighttime views.

At the end of the safari, you can enjoy a delicious outdoor barbecue or buffet dinner. If you are of legal age, you can also try smoking dokha while relaxing and watching other activities at the camp such as belly and fire dancing shows.

2.    Experience a luxurious dinner date in the desert

If you’re visiting Dubai with your loved one and prefer a less thrilling desert adventure, arrange for a luxury dinner date in the desert. This tour package allows guests to experience living like Bedouin royals in the wild lands.

A typical luxury desert dinner date package provides guests transportation to the particular location via a Land Rover. All activities will be supervised by a trained guide who will ensure that you and your loved one experience the authentic flavors of desert life in a romantic way.

You and your spouse can also explore the exotic wildlife as you go through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. At the end of your journey, you and your loved one will stay in a private set-up adorned inside the exclusive land of the Royal desert where you can enjoy a scrumptious and elegant dinner spread. As you and your spouse are of legal age, aside from dokha, you can also try Red Rose shisha smoking.

3.    Go skiing

Nothing can be more unusual and fun at the same time than skiing in Dubai, a city where temperatures can reach 44°C during summer.

You can go skiing in Dubai and enjoy other fun winter-type activities in this city at Ski Dubai, a famous landmark located in the Mall of the Emirates. Ski Dubai is a 22,500-square meter indoor ski area complete with lifts and tubing runs. In addition to skiing, you can also try zorbing on ice and going down the sub-zero dual zip line.

4.    Dine and drink at a sub-zero lounge

Another cool (and even chilling) and extraordinary experience you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in Dubai is to enjoy some great food and drinks at a lounge that maintains a -6°C temperature all year round.

Chillout Dubai serves a selection of delectable sandwiches, hot soups, coffee, tea, hot chocolates, juices, mocktails, and a variety of pastries and desserts. You can enjoy all these offerings while settling into ice seating and tables and surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures. You will even be given some additional warm clothes if you’re still feeling cold while inside the lounge. You will find the Chillout Ice Lounge in Times Square Center Dubai.

5.    Zip line through a world-famous dancing fountain system

The X-Line is a zip line ride that will take you through the center of Downtown Dubai and over the world’s largest choreographed fountain system – the Dubai Fountain. You will definitely experience the ride of your life once you get a ticket for this and your schedule is at night and while the fountains are dancing.

You will not find a lack of fun, exciting, and unusual activities you should try in Dubai. If you have more time, make sure you look for other unique and enjoyable things you can do here – you definitely won’t regret it.


Abdul Razzaq is the business manager of Red Rose Group. He holds a degree in Business Management and has over two decades of hands-on experience in strategic business management, in-house management problem solving, product/service sourcing, product development, and branding & marketing.

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