5 Weird Travel Tips: Burns, Burglars, and Bed Bugs! Oh My!

Vacation time sends millions of Americans traveling all over the country to join loved ones for sun, fun, and relaxation. Anytime you leave your home for extended periods of time weird things happen. We’d like to help you spend your vacation counting your lucky stars not raising your fists in fury. So, here are some tips provided by SimpliSafe Home Security to help your travel safe and happy this year

  1. Protect your home from burglary – We’re a home security company and we know that burglars are always on the hunt for an opportunity: your empty home, which is like a mouthwatering sitting duck ready to have all it’s expensive electronics plucked away. Don’t tweet that you are leaving for vacation. Leave one or two lights on while you are away. Use a home security system to protect your home from opportunistic burglars
  2. Pack a pair of pot holders – Yep. Pot Holders. In a study done by the CDC, between the years of 2001-2006, a reported 8,620 people were burned in a cooking related incident. This can be easily avoided by using a set of $2 pot holders.
  3. Don’t let bed bugs hitch a ride home – Look out for bed bugs whether you are staying at a five-star hotel, visiting relatives or have friends and family visiting you. They can really be a threat to you and your home. Wherever you are staying, check for bed bugs in their favorite hiding spots: under the mattress, bed frame, behind the headboard, and underneath furniture cushions. Even if you don’t see any critters, elevate your luggage on a luggage rack away from the bed and wall. When returning home from your trip, place all your clothing from your luggage immediately into the dryer for at least 15 minutes at the highest setting.
  4. Life-saving tips for traveling with Fido – If you’re bringing the family dog on vacation, beware that 25% of pets die due to fool-related choking incidents according to the American Animal Hospital Association. To prevent this, make an announcement at the start of dinner letting everyone know that they must not feed your dog any bones. While saying this, make sure to look at each child directly in the eyes. If you hear your dog choking, open its mouth and remove the item he is choking on. If you cannot remove the the object your dog is choking on, try to dislodge the item by pointing your dogs head down. And of course, always make sure to have the name and phone number of the closest animal hospital handy.
  5. Sticky Fingers Airport Thieves – All of the security measures in the airport doesn’t necessarily prevent theft that can occur when your bags are standing in the check-in line, or the luggage carrier. Keep your eyes on your luggage at all times, even if you plan on stopping in the bathroom. Use cheap, inexpensive-looking luggage to prevent thieves from targeting your suitcase. When arriving at your destination, get to the baggage carousel as quickly as possible. This will avoid anyone walking off with your suitcase.

This guest post was written by Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe & Infobia.  Kevin covers issues related to home security, crime, safety, and consumer issues.  Kevin is a dedicated writer and musician, spreading the word through music and blogging.  SimpliSafe is a leader in the wireless home security field.

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