6 Awesome Things Made From Storage Containers

ISO storage or shipping containers (also known as cargo containers) have been used primarily in international ocean shipping, interstate and intercontinental trucking and train freight shipping since the 1950s. According to moving expert DoortoDoor, storage containers have been used in new and innovative ways beyond their initial purpose of moving goods from point A to point B.

As storage containers are becoming used more and more in unique ways, here is an exploration of 6 awesome things that are being made from storage containers. These new uses include: retail and commercial spaces, new home construction, bars and restaurants, food truck, factory space, and recreational space.

Storage Containers Use in Retail and Commercial Spaces

One of the more creative ways in which ISO storage and shipping containers are being used are in the construction of retail and commercial areas. Retail locations throughout the world are being created through the use of this readily available material. Standard shipping containers range from 8 feet in length up to 40 feet and a floor area that ranges from 51 square feet for an 8 foot container and 305 square feet for a 40 foot storage unit. This provides ideal space for a start-up business looking to avoid the high cost associated with acquiring a commercial lease in an established fixed space.

New Home Construction with Storage Containers

The versatility and durability of storage containers make them an ideal building material for use in new home construction. The materials use helps cut down on raw materials and are easy to fabricate off site before assembly. According to Popular Mechanics, homes built with storage containers have achieved award-winning status for their modern look and architectural appeal.

Bars and Restaurants Made from Storage Containers

There are many examples of bars and restaurants populating the landscape that use storage containers as a building component. Containers can be placed in otherwise vacant or unused urban areas, immediately transforming unusable space into a vibrant and revived location for commercial activity. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, many cities are backing plans for the use of corrugated storage containers as a way to meet urban renewal goals.

A Storage Containers Use as a Food Truck

Certainly a most innovative way to incorporate storage containers in an alternative use is the creation of a food delivery truck. Del Popolo Pizza in San Francisco is an example of another way storage containers can be re-purposed. The 14 ton semi-trailer mounted rolling pizzeria with its 5,000 pound brick oven can make a bring pizza to your front door – redefining fresh home delivery.

Portable Storage Container for Moving

Various companies have adopted the use of freight storage containers as portable storage containers to assist in residential and commercial moving or storage needs. The floor space inherent to standard shipping containers provides ample storage area that can be delivered to the front door of a home or business and removed on demand. This usage of storage containers can help a home owner or business move unwanted items easily or provide temporary storage in preparation of a cross-country move.

Storage Container as Recreational Space

An additional use for storage containers is that of public or recreational space. A playground located in South Melbourne, Australia provides a unique way in which shipping containers have been used to provide outdoor space for public housing residents. This use helps transform an otherwise unusable area within South Melbourne and provide outdoor access for exercise and physical activity.

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