7 Interesting Facts about Dubai

One of the largest members of UAE, the city of Dubai has the kind of magnetism to attract tourists from all over the world. It offers an interesting blend of culture, business and entertainment. Dubai has a habit of doing everything with elan and you can sense that very well once you are there.

What people know about Dubai is that there are several huge shopping centers  malls, expensive hotels and an amazing variety of restaurants. However, there are some facts about Dubai that are not commonly known to all. Here are some of the interesting ones about this vibrant city:

1.       Locals constitute not more than 20% of the total population – It is quite astonishing to know that the real Emirate population in Dubai is not even 20% of the total population in Dubai. Extensive immigration has resulted in a population which has people hailing from completely different cultures. But it is commendable that everyone still gets along well, and social discord is almost unheard of.

2.       Exponential growth in population since 1995 – Dubai’ population has grown from less than 700,000 in 1995, to around 1.4 million now. The residential projects also can be seen coming up in full swing to accommodate the newcomers. Every year thousands of people are being added to these numbers which is why the number of flights going to Dubai also gets increased every year. Moreover, people now increasingly want to become a part of this amazing city.

3.       No taxes to be paid – Unbelievable as it may sound, but it’s true that the government there is not charging income tax from their people. As a result, people living in Dubai pay no tax on income, property, or capital gains. Local citizens are liable to contribute a small proportion of their income to social security. There are taxes on imported goods, property rentals, hotel and entertainment services, etc.

4.       You can even ski in Dubai – Dubai is well known for its hot weather. But you can still beat the heat at the large indoor ski area right in the middle of the desert!! You can enjoy some of the best eating and shopping options at this indoor ski park.

5.       No street addresses and postal services – There are no street addresses, no zip codes or area codes, and no postal delivery service in Dubai. Interestingly, you would need a local resident to help you in locating an address. Also, a postal agency called Emirates Post holds post office boxes, where mail of all sizes can be delivered, and you need to mention as address is the name and PO Box number of the recipient and the mail will be delivered to that PO Box.

6.       Dubai has many superlatives – From world’s biggest mall to biggest aquarium and from tallest man-made structure to tallest hotel, Dubai leads the charts in many ways. The Dubai Marina is also the second largest man-made marina in the world. The variety of hotels in Dubai is also splendid. From budget hotels to a 7 star hotel, there is just everything in Dubai’s hospitality sector.

7.       World class malls – Malls are common everywhere nowadays but Dubai has set the standards for world class malls. The malls in Dubai are meant for an extremely lavish experience, with immaculate leather sofas, marble floors, beautiful fountains, and an ambiance that can give the best of 5 star hotels a run for their money.

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