7 Most Beautiful Travel Destinationsin Asia

Asia has the largest landmass on earth and is a very beautiful continent with rich and diversified cultures and heritages. Asia has some of the most magnificent man made wonders and is abundant in natural bounties.

The 7 most beautiful travel destinations in Asia are- 

Thailand- it is a land of rushing rivers, verdant forest and illustrious pasts and because of this Thailand has become a traveler’s paradise. This travel destination has never been colonized, unlike its neighboring countries. The purity of preserved traditions and cultures makes it a beautiful wonder. This place is has magnificent temples of Buddha in every corner of the island which is unique due to it spiritual significance and architectural grandeur. Thailand is a home for many famous beaches in Asia. The beaches varies from being bustling with crowd like pattya to serene and quiet beaches like sunrise beach and virgin sun drenched beach of Koh Lipe to overexploited beach of Koh Phi, Thailand offers beach lovers the best retreat for every mood. Traveling to this destination will give you some heart pondering adventure and notorious nightlife.

India- this place is the perfect blend of cultural extravaganza, magical beauty of shorelines and historical essence. It is one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. India is a land of incredible exoticism dwelling in every corner of the country. From the great Himalayas in north to pristine beaches of Kerala in south and gleaming and beautiful desserts in west to tropical forest of the east, India offers every facets of natural beauty which provides the travelers an unparalleled experience in vacationing. Due to its rich past, India has some of the most magnificent historical wonders like the Red Fort IN New Delhi, TajMahal in Agra, churches in Goa and Amber Fort in Jaipur. India has mesmerizing landmarks of historical importance. Some amazing wildlife can be seen in India along with unique culture and crafts. India has diversely exotic and amazing cultures in the world. TajMahal of India is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Different festivals and diversified food can only be seen in India.


Singapore-this destination has world class shopping malls which are spread in large areas. It is the best place for shopping where Orchard road is a real retreat for shop alcoholics. The range of food and malls are an eye opener for travelers. Singapore has towering skyscrapers, beautiful sea shores and magnificent buildings. It is the best place for wildlife enthusiastic and sport lovers.
Malaysia- this place is a monarchy of federal constitution. It is a very alluring vacation place which offers interesting historical landmarks, stunning wildlife, tropical beaches and cultural heritage. The capital city of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur offers the most rewarding experience for the travelers.

China- this is the biggest country of Asia and thus it requires a lot of time to explore the full country. The most popular tourist destinations are the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Yangtze River Cruise and Temple of Heaven. China has an amazing natural beauty, magnificent skyscrapers and modern buildings. It is the second biggest economy in this world. The momentous cultural site, the Great Wall of China is the best man made structure in the world.

Sri Lanka– the best part of this tourist destination is its maritime climate. This place is surrounded by gentle mountains, resplendent isle and pristine waters. The unique charm of this place never fails to in impressing its visitors. It is in the south eastern part of India which is similar to a tear drop. Sri Lanka is famous for its rain forest preserves, backwater and tea plantations which attracts many nature lovers from every part of the country. It also has ancient Buddha temples.

Turkey- it is the best and most beautiful country of the world. Its rich culture captivates every tourist. The museum of Anatolian Civilization is a very good place to visit. It has some amazing archeological sites and mosques like the Pamukkale’s Hierapolis and blue mosque. The people of turkey are very friendly and the outfits are very wonderful.
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