7 Must-Visit Places to Experience Malaysia’s Wild Nightlife

Nightlife in Malaysia is very popular among all tourists. Here nightlife boasts wild parties, gay pubs, crazy clubbing and fierce carnivals, which are organized in laid-back lounges, sky-high bars, night-markets and elite clubs. If you are sophisticated and classy then you will enjoy what Malaysia has to offer during night.


  1. Petaling Street Market

Petaling Street is one of the most interesting street markets in this region. It is an exuberant and vibrant shopping destination in Chinatown. Here sellers offer wide range of products that are made in China like class-A handbags, clothes, watches, shoes, household-items and knick-knacks. After you’re done with your shopping, feed your tummy with Malaysia’s delicious local cuisine that is priced by the dime. They also remain open during the day so you can add them in your daytime itinerary.

  1. Sunday Market of Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru’s Sunday Market remains open from Saturday to Sunday. Malay’s traditional stuff like bags, jewelry, apparel, handicrafts and souvenir items can be found in this whole strip. There are also some shops in this market which sell delicious delicacies like satays, grilled fish, colorful kuih, rojak and nasi lemak.

Quality of Malay apparels is good in this part. Sarong, sangkoks and baju kurungs can be bought at a reasonable price, just don’t buy things at their original price. Try bargaining and you will get surprised to see how much low prices can go.


  1. The Play Club, The Roof

This is one of the best night clubs in Malaysia. Local celebrities and tourists throng in this premium dance club to groove on hip hop tunes throughout the weekend. It resembles a warehouse, inspired by European clubs with exposed overhead piping, elaborate stage, giant cages and neon lights.

  1. Traders Hotel, SkyBar

Traders Hotel, SkyBar is glamorous cocktail lounge that is at the top in the list of must-visit places in Malaysia’s nightlife. It is a place that can be found among social circuit. Its bar area is filled with comfy sofas and high tables that are designed to give you an extraordinary cozy feel. A stunning pool serves as its centerpiece with large sunken alcoves and cabana style chaises surrounding it.

  1. Stratosphere at Roof Bar

This is a hit because of it has amazing and unique location – just right at the top of a helipad that is covered with grass. In Malaysia it gives sweeping views that are not just relaxing but also breathtaking at the same time.


  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF) Bar

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (W.T.F.) Bar, despite its cheeky name, it attracts classy and sophisticated people like hot-shot businessmen, affluent locals and prominent expats. People flock to this bar because it has wide collection of premium cigarettes and cigars. Its entrance is narrow and iconic.

  1. Way Modern Chinois

Chinois has modern Chinese vibes and it is decorated with modern metal grills, mirrored walls and giant vases. Everyone who visits Malaysia visit this place. Here you can come with your escort partner hired from kl escort malaysia.
So, which one is the best visiting place in Malaysia for you?

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