A Beach Dweller’s Guide to Queensland

Queensland beaches are a hidden gem for travelers. While many people talk about the beaches in southern California, Hawaii and the French Riviera, few people talk about the lush and tropical beaches of Queensland. Learning what to expect on some of the more popular beaches and following a few easy tips can ensure that your trip is a memorable one.

Daintree Rainforest Beaches 

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were the only person in the world? While the Daintree Rainforest Beaches are some of the best in the country, once you step foot on the beach, you’ll feel like you are on a lush and tropical island with no one else around for miles. With five different beaches surrounding the rainforest, you’re sure to find one that is as quiet and peaceful as you need.

Fraser Island 

Queensland residents know that some of the best beaches are on Fraser Island. Not far off the coast is a historic shipwreck where you can watch fish and other sea creatures darting around. Whether you want to snorkel, scuba dive or just grab a fishing pole, you’ll love venturing out to the shipwreck. Fraser Island is less than four hours from Brisbane, making it a perfect place for a weekend getaway. A variety of affordable accommodation in the area, such as the Maryborough Motel & Conference Centre, let you get a good night’s sleep before heading off on your adventure.

Burleigh Heads 

If the idea of surfing makes you want to jump for joy, you need to plan a trip to Burleigh Heads. As part of the Burleigh Heads National Park, this beach is a nationally protected landmark, and you’ll notice that it looks just as beautiful and enticing every time you visit. The waves here are second to none, and guards keep an eye on the beach every day of the year. When you’re ready for a break from the water, you can walk along the hiking trails and other paths near the beach.

Staying Safe on the Beach 

Even if you already know that you should wear sunscreen and reapply your sunscreen regularly, you might still need a few tips when visiting any of the Queensland beaches. Not all beaches have guards patrolling for signs of danger, but if you visit one that does, stay close to the guard. Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking individuals, and pay attention in the water too. A rip tide or a rough wave can easily knock the wind out of anyone. As long as you remain alert, you can stay safe and have a great trip.

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