A Complete Guide on Important Element of Life: Happiness

One of the greatest virtues that mankind sought for is happiness. For most people, it is a lifelong pursuit. Everything that we do in life is related to happiness in some or the other way. When carefully observed, happiness can be found in little things. Feeling the morning breeze against our face or helping an old woman cross the road can be joyous at times. But for more permanent happiness, we need to discover and discipline this virtue within ourselves.

Advantages of a Happy Life:

F Happy people live longer. Findings from various researches suggest that people who are happy have a longer life span.

F They are more successful in romance.  Happiness makes a person attractive.

F They are peaceful. They tend to divert conflicts and believe in blissful living and love in their lives.

F Happy people are healthy.  Scientists have found that they have improved immunity. This is the result of the chemical balance in the body triggered by happiness.

F Joyful people have better concentration. Happiness leads to reduction in worries and stress, thus allowing the mind to concentrate on more important aspects of life.

F Happy people have better problem solving capacity. Good concentration and positive attitude are products of happiness. Both help in understanding and tackling problems in an enhanced way.

 Tips for a Happier Life:

  1. Include happiness in your priority list.  Happiness is most vital in life. As such, it is necessary to consider it among the top essentials of life.
  2. Establish goals for tasks that are necessary and you like to work upon. Achieving these goals will increase your joy, as you are investing your efforts in something that is considered to be worthwhile.
  3. Make time for humour and fun. Do not make your life overly serious. Find time to laugh and enjoy yourself.
  4. Financial stability is important for happiness. Worries and tensions related to poor finance leads to unhappiness. As such saving money for sudden future expenses can decrease stress and tensions to good extent. Insurance is also important for a secure future.  Various insurances like Life Insurance, PPI Claims Policies and Health Policies and so on are available in the market.
  5. Invest in relations. Healthy relations with your family members, friends, relatives and colleagues make your life jovial. Find time for the most important people in your life to maintain good relationships.
  6. Be conscious. Mastering the art of consciousness will help you to take correct decisions. Consciousness results in rationality and wisdom, which has a positive effect on personality and behaviour.
  7. Enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Chirping birds, spring blossoms, morning sun, a rainy evening – nature is splendid.  Embrace yourself in its arm and find everlasting calm and happiness in life.
  8. Be optimistic. Negative thoughts rob you of the simple pleasures of life. On the other hand, positive thoughts lead to optimistic attitude and a great way to enjoy life.
  9. Discover your strengths. Every person has some unique strength. Realise your important qualities and refine them to their best level. Engage in activities where you can utilise your skills.

The key to true happiness lies in loving and accepting yourself. Your life will be much happier if you learn to love and embrace yourself.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Leo, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Apart from blogging, she does research on PPI Claims. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport

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