A Drive to Mount Kilimanjaro

This mountain named roof of Africa is stunning looking at the upper part and the only highest mountain in Africa continent. Kilimanjaro is positioned on the northeastern side of Tanzania, bordering Kenya. The mountain has rich history dating back to 1889 when a German Hans Meyer (Geographer) first climbed it. The mountain is a dormant volcano, and the uppermost peak is Kibo rising to 5895 Meters above the sea level. This is the best place to visit and experience an awesome feeling while on top. The absorbing part is the ice cap that covers the (Kibo) crater all year round. There are many routes heading to the top and every route has its unique encounters to get pleasure from, until you reach.

Machamu Route

This is the most well liked route of all the paths leading to the top. Along the way after a successful drive once, you reach to this route the scenery is thrilling with beautiful and scary view when eyes are scattered a distance away. Throughout the year, you will find climbers from all over the world, some on the move and others already with their tents pinched. Hiking takes around 6 to 7 days enough time and great pace to maintain body strength as the route is demanding physically. The whole route covers a distance of 62 kilometers and contains a lot of sight-seeing.

Marangu Route

This is the only route that takes short time to reach Uhuru peak. It has been nicknamed Coca Cola route and it does not pose much challenge in comparison with others. Marangu is a recommendation especially for those experiencing climbing for the first time. It offers accommodation in beautifully built huts furnished with beds and mattresses. In addition, soft drinks and snacks are also provided at a fee, encouraging hikers to remain focused on the task ahead. The route covers 72 Kilometers, however, it is said to be the easiest.

Lemosho Route

Lemosho route is full of animals scattered all over and very beautiful sights keeping everyone occupied. It is calm all through until coming in contact with Machame route, but on the side of rongai is quiet without much movements. Lemosho is very great to climb especially during dry season but not advisable when wet. Before reaching starting point, since the stretch is long, climbers are instructed to drive up to the root of the route. The route covers 70 Kilometers taking 7 to 8 days of climbing. It also offers climbing encounters along the way, but as it is rarely crowded, group hike is preferred.


Rongai Route

This route is accessed on the border side of Tanzania and Kenya, offering unaffected wilderness and clear viewpoint of both countries. The route is quiet than the rest and at some point tents have to be unfolded to gather energy and rest. Before reaching the starting point, the distance is very long. The route covers 73 Kilometers, taking 6 to 7 days to reach the peak.

Northern Circuit Route

Northern Circuit is not favorite route to many hikers but can be accessed by using other routes to connect at some point. This is the most engaging hike of all towards the peak of Kilimanjaro and therefore requires adequate preparation. It is experienced with many camping, great fascinating sites and for daring individuals, is encouraged to go through it. The route covers 98 Kilometers, around 9 days traversing to the top.


It is a great achievement driving all the way to Kilimanjaro, in order to stand on top of the highest peak of Africa continent. Therefore, it requires everyone to prepare by passing DSA practical in order to drive effectively and competently.

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