A Guide on Booking Travel Accommodations

Travel Accommodations

Our specialists understand the importance of finding and booking the perfect travel accommodation as well as finding the most desirable destination.  That’s why we have combined some helpful tips and advice when it comes to booking travel  accommodation, no matter where you choose to go.

First of all, it is vitally important that you carry out some of your own research in to the location and the hotel accommodation that you come across.  Be sure to read reviews on independent websites and see what other individuals have to say.  There are lots of review websites out there that provide information that could be make or break when it comes to choosing the perfect accommodation.  Of course, when traveling there is different types of accommodation for you to take advantage of, depending on your taste and that’s why we have listed a list of holiday accommodation options below:

Top 6 Choices for Travel Accommodation:

hotel Accommodation

Hotels – Hotels are one of the most popular options of travel accommodation when it comes to booking and is often the most straight forward option.  The prices can often range, depending on the star rating, nearby amenities, hotel facilities and of course the location.  The more desire the location, the more expensive it will be.  Depending on the location of your accommodation, be sure to check out for any nearby transport links so that you can be sure to get around easily and conveniently.

Hostels – Hostels are great if you’re on a low budget.  However, with the advantage of a low budget there comes numerous disadvantages, depending on the hostel and that’s why it’s vitally important to check out independent reviews.  Often you can find yourself sharing a huge room with multiple other holiday makers, which may not be for you.  However, some hostels offer private rooms at an increased rate.  Hostels can be convenient if you only see it as a place to rest your head.  There are some very nice hostels out there though – definitely worth checking out!

Apartments – Apartments are extremely convenient if you are making a group booking and can save you some money overall.  Some apartments have multiple rooms, for multiple guests and can often be quite spacious.  You also have plenty of privacy with choosing an apartment.  However, with an apartment you most likely will have to stick with the self-catering option, unless the apartment is part of a hotel complex.

Cottages –   Cottages are excellent, especially if they are situated in the perfect location!  Very similar to apartments, cottages can often be a great choice for a group of holiday makers and can save money for everyone.  Cottages are also often situated in picturesque locations which make them even more desirable.  Often only self-catering, should you not mind preparing your own meals, this is definitely an option to check out.

Villas – Villas are becoming increasingly more popular with holiday makers and often come with a pool where families can enjoy some relaxation poolside.  Villas are perfect for a group of holiday makers, just like with cottages and apartments and are usually situated quite a distance away from any housing and can be reasonably private.  Once again, villas price ranges can vary depending on location, but if you are going as a group and enjoy the luxury of a pool, perhaps this is an option that is perfect for you.

Yurts – Quite a new addition to accommodation and becoming quite popular is Yurts.  I guess you could look at it as ‘glamping’ which is pretty much glamorous camping.  Yurts definitely are the way forward, no tents involved and it’s a comfortable solution.  Yurts also often come equipped with everything that you would usually find in the comfort of your own home and are perfect for family getaways.

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About the author: Aleksandra Carter specialist in traveling lived few years in Canaries islands, Europe few countries for many years, and Thailand in Asia, traveled A LOT!

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