A Guide to Camping Holidays in Cyprus

Swimming is just one way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus

Cyrus is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey. The third largest island in the area, Cyrus enjoys a bustling tourist industry thanks mainly to the warm air and sea temperatures. It is a popular destination for people of all ages including retirees, families, couples and young groups looking to enjoy some sun, sea and sand. In recent years, with the increasing financial pressures involved in foreign holidays, there has been a change in the preferred accommodation of tourists. Where once people chose to stay in hotels or self-catering apartments in large resorts, today many are choosing to camp when visiting Cyprus instead. In this article we take a look at some of the more popular camping destinations and the highlights of what to see and do when camping in Cyprus.

Popular Camping Destinations in Cyprus
Unlike some other European countries, camping in Cyprus isn’t very common considering the beautiful coastal and inland areas and warm, dry weather. Although you might encounter some campers staying on the various beaches around the island, this is actually not permitted and it is recommended to stay on only commercial campsites. These are dotted around the island in both coastal locations and further inland although a high concentration can be found around the popular tourist resort of Polis, mainly due to the close proximity of the sandy beaches, restaurants and bars.

Camping amongst the trees in Cyprus

Camping amongst the trees in Cyprus

Most campsites in Cyprus are quite basic, especially the inland ones, offering little more than a tap and a toilet. However most campsites offer a shower block, some basic kitchen facilities and perhaps the odd picnic table or two. There are a few more luxurious camping grounds which offer more family-friendly facilities such as laundry rooms and children’s playgrounds too. Prices vary considerably between campsites depending on both the location and the facilities provided. During the summer season, booking is highly recommended at camping grounds where possible.

Highlights of Cyprus
As a large island, Cyrus is home to a wide array of beaches, most of which offer golden sand and a gentle decline into the sea. These are perfect for soaking up the rays, building sandcastles with the children, swimming, snorkelling or enjoying the wide range of water sports on offer. You can choose the popular resort beaches around the Polis and Larnaca regions or more secluded beaches in less busy tourist areas for a touch more privacy.

Swimming is just one way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus

Swimming is just one way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus

As well as its beaches, Cyprus is also popular for its mountain regions. Here the weather is cooler, making trekking and other outdoor pursuits much more pleasant, especially in the height of summer. You can explore the many cedar, pine and cypress forests on foot or on horseback and take in some stunning views of the multifaceted scenery from the Troodos Mountains.

Other attractions in Cyprus include a wine museum and historical tours of the old towns.

With such a nice climate to enjoy, a wealth of beautiful scenery and many other attractions to keep you occupied, you’ll wonder why you’ve never been camping in Cyprus before.


Author Bio: By Nathan Griffiths who intends to buy some Cheap Outwell tents and take them on his summer holiday to Cyprus.


Image Credits: Setimike and Karen V Bryan

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