A Guide to Choosing Sailing Holidays for the Experience of a Lifetime

What could be more relaxing and enjoyable when you want to take a break than sailing away on a yacht? Hiring a yacht gives you the freedom that you are looking for and really takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Anyone can enjoy a yacht holiday with their families, whether you are a certified sailor or not. The options out there offer a holiday with a difference and so much fun along the way. Holidays can never come around quickly enough, so when they do you need an experience that will help you escape from the real world and create some amazing memories.

Bareboat Options

Sailing holidays in the form of bareboat mean that you literally borrow a boat for a while. You choose the duration of your trip, you pick up the boat, you act as skipper, and you return the boat at the end of your holiday. Obviously you need to be a certified skipper to indulge in this option, but don’t worry if you’re not as there are other options too. This option gives you complete flexibility and freedom. It allows you to explore at your leisure. You can take your escape to the next level with complete control of where you go, when you want to. Finding a good provider is important as you can also get essential support should you need it.

Skippered Charter Options

Skippered charters are another great option for sailing holidays and are more suited to those who don’t have the certificates to skipper themselves. You can take this holiday how you want too – you can learn and help with the sailing, or you can make the most of the time away and choose to simply relax instead. This option means that the skipper is in charge of where you go, but you can have the escape that you desire all the same.

Assisted Bareboat Charter Options

Finally; you can choose the middle option. Assisted bareboat charters combine the two options. They are suitable for both certified skippers and non-sailors. If you are a sailor, then you can choose to skipper when you want too, but if you decide you need a break, then you have the option to hand over to someone else. You can also choose this option if you are a beginner at sailing and need an expert to guide. You can enjoy the experience and still have complete control and freedom over the trip.

Combining your holiday with sailing is an awesome idea and will certainly keep the whole family entertained. Depending on the option that you choose; you can sit back and sail away. Or, you can enjoy the skipper experience yourself. The freedom is what takes these holiday options to a higher level than traditional holidays. You can enjoy every part of your destination to the absolute full, enjoy the freedom, and experience everything that you want to. The options available offer luxury and comfortable boats for you to really enjoy and the best place to begin searching for a provider is online. Find a provider for the best deals and make the trip memories.


Sailing holidays can be the ultimate holiday with a difference. You can escape everyday life for an amazing experience. Experience complete control and freedom and sail away into the sunset with the whole family.

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