A Love For The Outdoors – Northern Ireland

If you enjoy the outdoors and spending weekends away, then you have probably already enjoyed and visited a number of locations already, but have you ever visited Northern Ireland?

With such an under-appreciated history and access to an abundance of landmarks and places to visit, Northern Ireland is one of the best places to witness, especially if you live in the UK. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is more than you can shake a stick at.

Many people pigeon-hole Northern Ireland for the divide between them and Ireland but when you visit this country you find that this is very much a thing of the past. Of course, there is still some division but the ‘troubles’ are far beneath the surface of this beautiful country.

Northern Ireland historical context are very much on the surface though and there are a number of these that are convenient and worthwhile visiting.

One of those is the Giants Causeway Tour. Scientists believe this was created by volcanic ash when it descended onto the sea, but regardless, it’s very interesting. This attraction is believed to once be a bridge where Giants walked (hence the name) and attracts a number of visitors on a weekly basis purely for its historical background.

Belfast Tours are in there plenty and a place well worth having a look is the Crumlin Road Gaol. This establishment dates back to 1845, so it has got many stories to tell. Only in 1996 did this prison close its doors and has re-opened since as a visitors centre. You get to have a guided tour around this building but we’re sure you will want to make your way to the front to absorb all that you can see. Another positive is the value too; it’s cheap for what you get to witness.

Keeping with history, the Ulster Museum is one to jot down on the list of things to do. Through displays of early Irish artefacts and treasures from the Spanish Armada, you will be able to sample a bit of heritage with every glance. This is suitable for all ages too, so you can take the children with you and will be kept interested. The natural history exhibition part was a firm favourite among many visitors, including us and you will definitely lose track of time whilst you absorb all this Museum has to offer.

This next one is one for those that enjoy a beautiful view. The Cave Hill Country Park has quite a walk initially to reach the highest point but when you get there, it is all worth it. The walk itself isn’t a steep one, in fact it is very gentle, but once you reach the pinnacle step, you find yourself perched above the city of Belfast where you will be lost for words. The fresh air is so refreshing to and this Park is genuinely one of the most breath-taking places you will see on your visit to Northern Ireland.

These are just a few of the landmarks, views and Belfast Tours you can encounter but you need to ensure you narrow down the amount you want to witness or you will have to book a month off work to see them all.

Enjoy your trip, you won’t be disappointed.

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