A Perfect Travel Guide to Hong Kong

If you are looking to visit some famous Asian cities than Hong Kong should be your first preference. Hong Kong is a famous city which is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is famous for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbor. It is also one of the densely populated cities of world having a total population of 7 million. If you are looking to visit Hong Kong than there are many cheap Hong Kong tour packages available for you.

Places to visit in Hong Kong:

Avenue of Stars

Avenue of stars is famous for the many visiting places of Hong Kong’s movie industry. Many people who love Asian movies know this place personally before they put their feet in Hong Kong. There are many famous names in Hong Kong movies industry and its growth which is making Avenue of Stars a ‘Hollywood of the East’. Some of the famous sights include the life size statue of Kung Fu action hero Bruce Lee. This place is also famous for its glorious skyline.

Clock Tower

This is a 44 meter long clock tower, built in 1915 as a part of Kowloon-Canton railway terminus. The station was destroyed but this tower is preserved as a historical monument for visitors. It is also a memorable remark for various Chinese immigrants who passed through the terminus to begin a new life.

Hong Kong Disneyland

This is a must visit place for people of any age group. If you love riding roller coasters, Mickey Mouse, and thrilling 3D movies than you must visit Hong Kong Disneyland. One of the famous attractions of Hong Kong Disneyland is Toy story land where you can take a thrilling experience of larger-than-life attractions like: RC Racer, Toy soldier parachute drop, and Slinky dog spin. Another famous attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland is Grizzly gulch where you can enjoy an artificial yet natural atmosphere of big Grizzly Mountain. You can enjoy an embarking runaway journey throughout the spectacular and amazing landscape.

Temple Street Night Market

Visit Temple street night market to view and experience the Chinese diverse culture and heritage in front of our eyes. When the sun goes down, the traders lay out their cultural diversity in the form of trinkets, tea ware, electronics, watches, men’s wear, sea foods, and noodles. The fortune tellers of Temple street market are famous for their fortune telling and they can really give you some good advice.

The Peak

The Peak is the must visit place for Hong Kong visitors. This is the highest point of Hong Kong city from where you can watch the across the sparkling skyscrapers and Victoria Harbor all the way to green hills. You can listen to the humming of the famous city from this peak point and enjoy the cool and airy weather. You can also take a thrilling ride of Peak Tram, which will take you to a thrilling ride through the city’s skyscrapers.

So those were some of the famous places to visit in your HongKong tour packages. Hongkong is waiting for your arrival. Plan a trip now!!

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