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premist hotel

Now a days, people love to travel around the globe to explore for adventurous and exciting places. They often choose between the most visited places or the most distinct place. One of such countries is Turkey.

Turkey is located on the border edge of Asia and Europe or you can say western Asia and southeast Europe. The officially recognized name of the country is Republic of Turkey. It is surrounded by many countries, namely Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan.

Talking about Turkey, it has many tourist attractions like beaches, hills, mosque etc. People love to visit Turkey to enjoy the beauty of the city and to visit the ancient areas of the city.

premist hotel

I recently visited Turkey during my last vacation break and I found the city wonderful. Patara Beach was wonderful, enjoyed a lot there. Then, I moved to Istanbul; the capital city of Turkey. I was fortunate to book  a hotel before my visit. I got such a warm welcome in Premist Hotel with a nice chilled drink and appetizers.

Oh I forgot to mention, they sent a deluxe car to pick me from the Airport. It took just around 25mins to reach the hotel. The staff provided a good customer service, I appreciate that. They also helped us in planning our tours, general information about the city &  the attractions and also the directions to visit the same.

The hotel is located near to Topkapi Palace, hardly 2-3mins walking distance and also very near to all the attractions in the city. I’ll say it is centrally located. The rooms were pretty clean, beautifully decorated with all the luxurious facilities and amenities, say for example; a mini bar, slippers to feel casual, tea/coffee arrangements, new bed sheet & towels every day,  room spray and of course the delicious food.

Moreover, this hotel also remember your important dates like wedding anniversary, birthday etc and come up with good celebration and surprise gifts to make the day exciting and auspicious.

The staff is very kind and believes in best customer service. Immediate service with a pleasant smiling face. I have already been there twice and planning for the third visit. If you need, these guys will also arrange the sightseeing for you; a tour guide, a superb car and some snacks on the way. You’ll feel like a second home there. I bet you’ll feel tempted to stay at least 4-6days there and enjoy the hotel services and some might also make it happen. A must visit hotel for your Turkey tour.

You can also find out the reviews written by the hotel guests. This will help you to get a better idea of the customer feedback before you go on to visit the Premist Hotel. I personally recommend you to visit this hotel if you ever plan to visit Istanbul. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback from the recent visit to keep us updated about the current status of the hotel services and customer satisfaction.

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