Abuja Holidays: The Modern Niger City

Abuja is an astonishing city of an astonishing African nation, Nigeria. Buy Flights to Abuja and visit this capital city of Nigeria. This city is one of the most modern cities not only in West Africa but also in the world. Abuja is also one of the newest cities on the surface of this planet.

Get Abuja holiday packages and buy yourself a chance to visit one of the most ambitious cities in the world. Abuja is one of the few or one can say rare made on purpose and well planned and well planned cities. The project of making this city is still one of the most successful projects in this world.

Visit this new capital of Nigeria and which is considered as a great showcase is of modern Nigerian architecture and excellence. This miraculous city is proudly located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria, known as Suleja.

Abuja is destined to be the capital of Nigeria and it was the main propose behind the creation of this marvelous city and the location had been accordingly chosen for fulfilling this purpose. Abuja is situated at the core of the country, having almost same distance from all major parts of the country. Take flights to Abuja from Gatwick Airport, UK and visit this sprawling Niger land of Africa.

Abuja is one of the most unconventional tourist destinations in the world. As you can guess this city do not have any great ancient history, but hey! Who needs that if you are making your own history? This is one masterpiece of human technology where they made a city out scratch that too in almost one decade. Abuja had been planned and built in 1980’s and awarded with the crown of being capital in 1991 and became a mark of human excellence. Visit this amazing portray of human will through buying Abuja holiday packages from Crystal Travel.

This city is now a big financial, political and administrative center for the country. Thus it is obvious that lot of people are visiting this city. Abuja seems well prepared for the same. As there are lots of accommodation options available in this city. You can find myriad of Cheap Hotels in Abuja, this amazing example of modern African technology and architecture has accommodation options for every one covering all pocket types and budgets.

Abuja is blessed with pleasant warm weather throughout the year, making it suitable to visit any time in year. This 4th largest urban area in Nigeria has a great number of attractions to entertain its visitors and play the role of a perfect host. While visiting Abuja you can visit its attractions such as Millennium Park, Abuja Stadium, National Church of Nigeria, Arts & Crafts Village, Aso and Zuma Rock, Jabi Lake, Abuja Wonderland & Park, Gurara Falls, The Ecumenical Centre, National Assembly, etc.

Abuja is one puny city of Africa, but this city’s future is not puny, it is large. This city has a great future ahead and even today this city is gaining a great reputation as a global tourist destination. Visit this fascinating and inspiring city by booking your flights to Abuja from Crystal Travel which is one of the best travel agencies in London.

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