Alicante Airport Guide

If you’re planning on flying into Alicante this year for your holiday, you might be a little bit concerned about the best way to navigate the airport, but this really needn’t be a worry. Much like every other airport in the region, Alicante is a modern, simple, construction, so you should have no trouble tackling this obstacle and reaching your end destination.

Sometimes arrival and departure lounges can be anything but pleasant, luckily in the case of Alicante, a fantastic air conditioning system is installed, guaranteed to cool you down during instances of hotheadedness that are sometimes caused by lengthy delays.

Here is a step by step guide to making it out of the airport in one piece:


In 2010, this airport safely handled 9.5 million passengers on well over 75,000 flights, so relax, they know what they’re doing. When you arrive, just like in any other airport, it’s time to find the baggage area. This is located around half a mile away from the runway, so don’t think you’ll be getting there in a hurry; however the airport is big enough to mean you’re not going to feel claustrophobic amongst all those other eager holidaymakers.


Although it is always strongly advised that you book your transfers well in advance, the airport staff will happily provide phone numbers for trusted local businesses who focus on this.

In no circumstances should you ever accept a lift from taxi drivers hanging around by the front doors. Many of these individuals are likely to have no insurance and occasionally horror stories are told by people who unknowingly used them. The airport staff always do their best to have these unlicensed taxi drivers removed, but during busy periods you might well see them hanging around – stay away.

Car Hire

If you’re thinking it might be a cool idea to hire a car and drive around the country yourself, again, the airport staff will usually be in a position to provide you with a list of trusted hire companies. Make sure you bring your driving licence, otherwise you may well get refused, which could cause considerable upset to any plans you have made.

Much like in other areas, the driving regulations in Alicante aren’t as strict as those we face at home in the UK, so as long as you can provide them with proof you’ve passed an English driving examination, you’ll usually be fine.


As in the case of arrivals, departures are very simple. Just check in, pick up your tickets if you don’t already have them, and wait in the lounge for your flight to be called. All announcements will be made in English as well as Spanish, so don’t worry too much if you don’t quite understand the lingo.

There you have it. A clear and concise guide to surviving Alicante airport. Hopefully now your mind will be at ease, leaving you capable of concentrating on having the best time possible.

Authro Bio :- This post was written by Steven Jones with thanks to Holiday Taxi’s, the best benidorm transfer company.

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