All I Want For Christmas Is a Heli-Skiing Trip

When the holidays roll around again each year, so many people wonder what they should do with their time away from work. The same old trip can be just plain boring. If you have already tried skiing and snowboarding but are looking to take it up a notch, heli-skiing might be the answer you are searching for.

Heli-skiing trips to British Columbia might be the perfect answer this holiday season for your family or for the thrill-seeker in your life. BC is considered the heli-skiing capital of the world. Adventurers travel from Europe and all over North America to experience the beautiful dry, light snow that is unique to this area. With incredible snow totals accumulating, it is the perfect spot to experience dream skiing.

Heli-skiing focuses on skiing in the most pristine areas with natural surroundings rather than ski lifts and resorts packed with tourists. The helicopter ride to the top is a thrill by itself. The use of a helicopter provides opportunities for skiers that would not be available otherwise. The ability to reach locations that you cannot hike to or reach by ski lift opens so many doors. It all becomes obvious the moment you are released at the top of a beautiful mountain and begin to make your way through untouched trails and powder light snow. Imagine emerging from a helicopter, looking down the mountain and seeing nothing but nature in its most beautiful form. No lines of skiers no matted down snow, no slopes full of inexperienced skiers and no lifts obstructing your perfect view. When the helicopter lets you down, you then set off through a ski environment that cannot be matched on a packed slope at a resort. You will be surrounded by perfect snow and perfect conditions. Heli-skiing provides the run of a lifetime.

For so many who love to ski, the experience is often marred at resorts by the long waiting lines at ski lifts, tourists who mob up the slopes and runs down fake snow that has been skied flat and packed. The search for the perfect run or the perfect slope is often lost before you even start. It is enough to ruin the entire experience. As skiing increases in popularity, so too do overcrowded, overly priced ski resorts. Contrast that experience with heli-skiing trips like Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, has to offer, where you are surrounded by nature in its finest. It allows you to ski on natural, light, airy snow with no one around you but who you choose to ski with.

So, for those thrill-seekers who are looking for a new and exciting adventure, this might just be the perfect trip for your holiday. It may even become your new holiday tradition.

Author Bio: – Mitchell Strathford loves to travel, ski and blog about all of his many adventures for his devoted followers online. He was recently searching for a new twist on his old favourite sport and found Canadian Heli Skiing, where he was very impressed with the exciting adventures they had to offer. He highly recommends them to anyone else looking to add a little excitement to their next wintertime outdoor adventure

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