Amazing Things To Do in Sydney – Australia

Sydney is one of the famous cities around the world because of its famous opera house building primarily. Many of us don’t even know what this building holds but since we have seen the uniqueness of the building on the seashore on couple of magazines and as major attraction for Australia, we all are familiar to its shape. Our young generation got familiar to it because of the internet and those of them, who were left, got acquainted to it when the saw the famous animated cartoon movie ‘Finding Nemo’. It was a story of the clown fish father who travelled all the way to Sydney to get his son free of the dentist’s aquarium. So good advertisement for Sydney but not that it needed any, since Sydney without any doubt has developed itself as the adrenalin capital of the world since long, even long before the release of the animated movie in discussion.

Whether you are travelling for leisure, adventure, Christmas and New Year holidays, Sydney is a place to be. The city offers wide range of activities for people of different tastes. Starting from opera performance and fundraiser dinners to the amazing and exotic night life of night clubs and rave parties, Sydney has something for everybody. The city offers wide range of adventurous sports activities that are not available at any other place around the world. It was not until 3 years back that I decided for a trip to Sydney –Australia. This decision was forced after during a visit to a family member in another city I saw an image printed on a large canvas photo print on the wall his room, in which he was standing next to a Lamborghini in a F1 driver suit and a helmet in his hands. Frankly I was astonished to see the pic with grand prix circuit in background, and asked a bit about it. When I heard that you can have a go at not only these exotic cars but a real NASCAR on an original professional circuit, I knew what I had to do and what I had been missing.

So I planned the visit and to cut the story short here is the list of few of the amazing things that I did while being there. Few were expensive but then what were the criteria to compare, since you wouldn’t possibly get so many amazing things at one place. I had a bit of saving and since my cousin told me about the prices, I was quite ready for it. In fact I started buying deals for it months before I went there, this way I was able to save a bit as well.

  • Sky diving course and sky diving
  • Caving adventure in Mammoth cave under supervision
  • Great White Shark feeding through a cage
  • Formula Ford Race Team Experience
  • NASCAR Drive on Professional Circuit
  • Zero Gravity Flight
  • Drag Racing Experience

The prices of all these activities were from $200 to $500, since I booked some of them quite earlier through some deal coupons they were offering I was able to save on an average 20% of price for the things I did. That was a pretty good deal and planning. The NASCAR drive was one of most amazing experience I had. I truly realized at that moment how tough it is to do continuous laps on such a high speed. If you love adrenalin and racing, Sydney is a place for you.

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