Australian Beach Vacation: Gateways for a Fantastic Holiday

Whether you want to simply watch the waves roll along the shore or want to bask in the sunshine, come to Australia, which is renowned for some of the best beaches in the world. Dotted with picturesque beaches, Australia hosts several water events to make your vacation truly memorable. Magnificent white sandy, pristine beaches await you in Australia. Fine dining options, taking snaps of the scenic beauty of the place and indulging in some adventurous activities are a few things you can do to have a perfect beach vacation. To make it easier for you, here is a list of some of the best Australian beaches where you can relax and unwind.

Relax, Swim & Snorkel at Turquoise Bay

Take a plunge into the pristine waters of Turquoise Bay nestled in close proximity to the Exmouth town. By doing so you will be surprised to know that you are swimming within a few meters of Ningaloo Reef. Renowned as the best beach in Western Australia, the Turquoise Bay is apt for those looking to have a rejuvenating vacation by indulging in activities like swimming and snorkelling.

Head to City Beach for a Perfect Holiday Experience

City beach seems to be among the best beaches Perth has to offer for adventure enthusiasts. White sandy beach with crystal clear waters, the City Beach has a lot to offer to surfers, backpackers and those desirous of basking in sunshine. Situated just 20 minute drive from Perth city, this beach offers a whole lot of activities everyone. You can take a seaside stroll to go up all the way to the adjoining Floreat Beach. You can have an enjoyable picnic at the massive grassy area close to the beach.

Monkey Mia – Ideal Spot for Nature Lovers

Nestled approximately 30 minutes drive from the town of Denham, this beach is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere. Monkey Mia is an ideal spot for those who truly admire nature as they get an opportunity to witness huge variety of animal and bird life found nearby. You will be surprised to see dolphins interact with humans and how they amuse you with their intelligence.

You can visit the dolphin information centre open from 7am to 4pm daily to know more about the behavioural patterns of dolphins. You will need to shell out some money as fees in order to visit the Monkey Mia Reserve. To satisfy your needs and make your vacation unforgettable, Monkey Mia offers good accommodation and innumerable facilities, activities. Some of the activities include swimming, boating, water skiing and beach combing.

So, if you are planning a vacation to Australia then don’t miss out these wonderful beaches for a truly special holiday experience. In order to know about the fascinating culture and lifestyle about the local people in Australia and visit numerous amazing landscapes, you can seek the help of Bungoolee tours.

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