Barging In Aquitaine

Fancy a luxurious, comfortable holiday that you can make your own and take at a leisurely pace? Why not consider a barge holiday in France, travelling through the wonderful countryside and experiencing the more rural areas of the country. When travelling by barge you can rest assured that you will be taken care of by a team of experienced professionals who are there to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The sleeping cabins are authentic but spacious and titivated with all the special added extras. Fluffy towels and luxurious bed linen are par for the course.

Every vessel has a dining cabin where all of your meals are served. The dishes are chosen in line with the gastronomic delights of the region you are travelling though and are of an exceptionally high standard. Local wines are also served and there is a bar on board for passengers’ convenience.

The Stunning Region of Aquitaine – a perfect barge holiday in France

The Canal of Two seas, the Atlantic and Mediterranean, is formed by the Canal de Garonne and Canal du Midi. The Garonne Canal winds its way along 193 kilometers through some of the country’s most exquisite scenery from the Languedoc to Aquitaine. As you sit back and gently cruise down the canal you can take in the beautiful villages, medieval towns and tiny farms that are all a natural part of the scenery here. Artists have been drawn to the area throughout the ages by its resonant beauty and alluring landscape and when meandering along the waterways it is easy to appreciate why.

Being so close to Bordeaux this area is dripping with local wineries and an abundance of tasting opportunities, which no barge holiday in France would be complete without. Vineyards stretch for miles and you never go far without stumbling across a wine producer keen to invite you in to sample the fruits of their labour. Sauternes, the famous white, slightly sweet wine traditionally accompanying fois gras, is produced here alongside the famous full-bodied merlots and cabernets. Mont de Marsan is a pretty town in the area, which because of its location fuses the traditions, food and cultures of both France and Spain. If you arrive here in the summer be sure to make it to one of the many Spanish fiestas held in the area.

If you go walking in France, the charming villages in the region offer the opportunity to discover some of the local art and craft workshops that line the cobbled streets and are still very much part of the village community. Smells of French coffee, fresh pastries and newly baked bread flow out from every café and grocery store and the thriving village markets are a colourful feast for all the senses.

Taking a barge holiday in France is the best way to steer away from the main tourist areas and experience the real soul of the country. Just relax, sit back and absorb the gentle pace of life while enjoying the luxury of this distinguished way to travel.

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