Beach Turkey Holiday – Privacy, Relaxation and Enjoyment

Tourists from all over the world are looking for a holiday in Turkey every year to visit the country’s sandy and smooth beaches. Many people who also wanted to see some of the spectacular views and rugged landscapes of Turkey are taking advantage of the holiday package deals online. If you plan to travel to Turkey, you should find out about these deals.

Turkey is a beautiful large country with a number of beautiful beaches attracting tourists from all over the world. The beaches of the country are very calm and the quiet sandy breeze will provide pleasure and enjoyment to travelers. You can also choose to visit a desolated beach for more privacy on your Turkey holidays.

Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

Summer is the ideal time to travel in Turkey so that you can make the most of your experience with your family, friends or spouse in the beautiful beaches of the country. You will have a delightful vacation as you relax in the clear water and rejuvenate your mind and body. Here are some of the known beaches in the country to make your vacation worthwhile.

  • Butterfly Valley Beach – This is a picturesque beach because of its well known unique V shape. The beach is situated between two cliffs or rocks which are admired by many tourists for its interesting location. You can join an arranged campfire in the beach and dance with other tourists. You can also shop for beautiful accessories and food items in the beach.

Beach Turkey Holiday

  • Gemiler Beach – This is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway where you will be away from city. Gemiler Beach is a silent place located opposite to the St. Nicholas Island. Although this is not much organized yet, this is not an old place. This is a good spot to spend a peaceful time with your family. The cool waves in the beach are very interesting to see as the sand will provide tourists with comfort in having a stroll on the shore. You can also buy foods and drinks in the shops and enjoy a night walk.
  • Iclemer Beach – Is a famous white sand beach in the country where pine trees around the area adds glamour to its beauty. There are small rooms near the beach for travelers to stay and you can also enjoy resting under the sun with the resting beds outside that they provide.


  • Kaputsa Beach – This is located in the southwestern part of the country. This is a rocky beach that can challenge many adventurers. It has a soothing environment that you will surely love which help remove the pains and stress caused by your busy life.

When it comes to tourist attractions, Turkey has developed many places which are perfect for holiday destination. The beaches are among the huge tourists attractions in this beautiful country. With your holiday to Turkey it is possible for you to enjoy the water while taking advantage of the opportunity to explore the country’s culture and learn about the people.

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