Beating the Winter Blues with a Road Trip

You were thrilled when you picked up your brand new car from the local dealership, but winter’s rise only made you park the car away. Don’t let the cold weather force you indoors. Taking a road trip in the winter is a clever way to see the world without spending too much cash or fighting the tourist crowds. Check under the hood one more time and feast your eyes on some of the best the nation has to offer.

Lodging is Normally Inexpensive

You’d be amazed at how inexpensive top hotels are in the winter. Because it’s the off season for most tourist locations, hotels try their hardest to create discounts and entice visitors. Go online and search for hotels at a particular destination. Try calling them for a personalized quote. Some smaller hotels may even drop the advertised rate if you stay for more than one or two nights. Allow your travel period to be flexible to find the best fit for your wallet.

Busy Areas are Transformed

If you have ever tried to visit a national park in the summer, it is often a madhouse. The beauty of nature is substituted with a low hum of conversation. Try a winter getaway and see the dramatic difference in experience. Listen to the wind, birds and other wildlife to truly immerse yourself in the location. Although it may be cold, bundle up and take a stroll. As long as you remain on trails or marked areas, your trip to a normally busy area is a reprieve from everyday life.

Gray Skies Turned into Sunny Days

It could be a harsh winter where you live, so hit the road and head toward sunnier areas. California and Florida are usually sunny year-round so try a coastal drive. Although it won’t be peak summer heat, you can still enjoy the sun on your face to chase away those winter blues. Some people even find the sunlight therapeutic as it warms their skin. A few sunny days on a road trip can make the rest of the winter feel amazingly short.

Gasoline Mixtures are Low Cost

Several states create a “summer mixture” gasoline that drives costs upward. Avoid this vehicle pitfall and take the road trip in the winter. Gasoline is normally cheaper in the cooler months because it’s the off-season for drivers. Fill up the tank and drive further than ever. Just keep your tires inflated properly and adhere to the speed limit for the best mileage, according to service professionals at Diamond Honda. Reduced gasoline costs allow you to explore more areas with extra spending cash. You may not be able to drive as far in the summer because of expensive gas so you benefit in countless ways by altering a trip to winter exploration.

According to Crai Bower with Travel and Leisure, some areas look even better with the winter’s low-lying sunlight angle. Take advantage of this off-season period to explore the outside world. You’ll fight the winter blues while enjoying natural treasures without all the crowds.

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