Belly Busting Beach Breaks: Top All-Inclusive Destinations on the Coast

Going on holiday and getting away from your everyday routine is a great opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, but it is also a chance to indulge in various leisure activities and sporting interests.

So, if you’re interested in delicious cuisine or action-packed pursuits, here are some top belly-busting beach breaks for you to choose from.


Although Asia is the most populous and arguably busiest region in the world, there are still several tranquil destinations for rest and relaxation. Famed for its diverse and delicious cuisine, the entire continent is a dream come true for food lovers.

The Indonesian island of Bali has been a popular destination for all-inclusive long haul holidays for some time and it is easy to see why. In addition to fantastic food, travellers are also treated to beautiful beaches, the stunning Java Sea and a wealth of leisure activities.

Thailand has also given the world some heavenly dishes and the island of Phuket remains a firm favourite for travellers looking for luxury. Guests can burn off the calories at Club Med’s golf academy, flying trapeze or at one of seven tennis courts.

Although Malaysia isn’t famed for its food, the resort of Cherating Beach features traditional cuisine in sumptuous surroundings. Positioned amid lush vegetation, the Rembulan restaurant sits beside Pantai beach and backs on to some magnificent gardens.

The Caribbean

Although Caribbean food is a fusion of world cuisine, jerk spices, coconuts and plantains are distinctive regional ingredients. What’s more, turquoise waters and white beaches make the area a top holiday destination.

The Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana resort serves up traditional food as well as international cuisine. The location’s fitness and sports academies ensure no guest will feel too guilty about leaving a clean plate either.

Offering 315 days of sunshine a year, the Bahamas is perfect for those looking to top up the tan. Furthermore, the Columbus Isle resort features impeccable restaurants and the ultimate in fine dining. Scuba diving and a sailing academy allow you to make the most of the island’s surrounding sea, with water-skiing and wakeboarding also attractive activities.

A holiday at the La Caravelle resort in Guadeloupe is yet another destination for taste bud stimulation. Smoked chicken at the La Biguine and L’Hibiscus restaurants on a beautiful sea front is highly recommended, making this another belly-busting option for holidaymakers.

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