Best Family Beach Vacations in Florida

Where to Go For the Best Family Beach Vacations in Florida

Where can you go to get the best family beach vacations in Florida?  A family vacation in Florida is a great idea if you can’t afford a trip to exotic foreign shores.  In Florida, you still get the warm, sunny weather and plenty of sand and surf without travelling too far away from home or spending a fortune on airfare and accommodations.  Whether you are planning to be away for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, consider these locations for the best family beach vacations in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

This place is a winner due to its extreme accessibility.  It is home to a major international airport, so it is great whether you are simply passing through or planning to stay for the duration of your holiday.  It is less crowded than its celebrity neighbor Miami, so it’s perfect for families who simply want to enjoy the seashore and some quiet time in each other’s company.


If you would like a bit of glitz and glamour, head on over to Miami.  There are lots of family-friendly activities to enjoy during the day, particularly if you avoid the party district.  You can try some beach volleyball or a thrilling ride on a banana boat.  You can even get on-board a jet ski for some high-speed aquatic fun.  At night, adults can eat out and sample a bit of the nightlife that makes Miami so famous.  Do not forget to go shopping and try to spot a few celebrities while you are there.


Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, this area is a lot simpler and quieter than Miami and hence very appropriate for families.  There is something in Naples for everyone.  Mom will love the chance to pamper herself with spa treatments, while Dad might be glad of the opportunity to hit the golf courses.  Children will love spending the day on the beach, wading in the water or playing in the sand.

Marco Island

Also located on the Gulf Coast, Marco Island allows for many encounters with marine life as well as some private down time.  Get a vacation rental instead of a hotel to save money – you’ll have the added fun of sing-alongs, DVD nights, and open-air family barbecues.  You can also head out in a boat for deep sea fishing excursions, or try some snorkelling to see the wonderful marine life beneath the surface.


Destin is another location to try if you are looking for the best family beach vacations in Florida.  This beach town is known to cater to families, so you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment.  Family members young and old will delight in the chance to go on a snorkel tour, try parasailing or zoom around on a jet ski.


About Author: TravelonJo is a former travel agent who has travelled extensively for work and vacations with her family.  For more travel information, visit her travel websites: Having a vacation with your family is something you do not want to miss. For a fantastic yet affordable holiday, try these tourist spots famous for offering travelers with some of the best family beach vacations in Florida.

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