Best International Restaurants in Canmore (Part 1)

So you are a Canadian and have made the domestic trek out to Canmore, Alberta. Welcome! As you may not know, Canmore is a culinary hub of fabulously fantastic cuisine. Canmore boasts gastronomic goodness from all walks of the world; everything from local fair, organic lusciousness, international cuisine, and everything in between.

We’ll be focusing on the best international restaurants in Canmore. We figure you may want try something new, and step away from the Canadian culinary delicacies (for just one meal), into the realm of the unknown. After you grab some grub, check into one of the many Canmore accommodations with private hot tub.

Below are our favorites:

French Quarter Cafe: It’s just like stepping off Bourbon Street, New Orleans into this bustling cafe; except no jet lag. Woo hoo! It’s cheerfully decorated with bold accents, prints, and boasts an open kitchen and three-side fire place. The owner’s love affair with Creole and Cajun cuisine first started when he ventured to Louisiana over 17 years ago. It also inspired him to open French Quarter Cafe, so he could share his love of spice with Canmorites and visitors. Some favorites are Blackened Red Snapper (using a secret spice blend), Sweet Potato Crusted Chicken Breast with a light Chardonnay cream, and for desert, Louisiana Break Pudding with whisky sauce.

Chez Francois: This restaurant serves contemporary cuisine with a French flavor, and set in a casual atmosphere. They use local organic ingredients, fresh seafood and AAA steaks. For all you gluten-free enthusiasts, this restaurant is your oyster. Some favorites are Francois’ Spicy Lamb Sausages, Crispy Vegan Phyllo Roll with chantrelle mushrooms & cashews, and Crispy Braised Duck a L’Orange.

Guacho Brazilian BBQ: If you are hungry, this hot spot is for you! They have all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner. Guests can enjoy Brazilian side dishes and sweet treats from the open kitchen and salad bar. Melt-in-your-mouth meats are served tenderly at your tableside by genuine churrasco chefs. Some specialties are Costela (juicy marinated beef ribs), Cassava wedges with Parmigiano, followed by Tres Amigos; barbecued strawberries and pineapple served with chocolate dipping sauce.

Chef’s Studio Japan: CBC Radio and Food critic John Gilchrist claims Chef’s Studio has the best sushi in Bow Valley. The restaurant believes “food is art” and must contain fire (hot plate), wind (sashimi/shushi), water (saki), and earth (combo plates) in each meal. The chefs put a creative spin on traditional Japanese food, in a casual-chic atmosphere. Some classics are Green Planet Cabbage Role- avocado, mint, onion lime dressing, with $1 donated to Japan earthquake relief. Another innovative classic is Tempura prawns, calamari, potato, cheese, and soft shell crab with homemade dipping sauces.

Stay tuned for next week’s article on more incredible international cuisine in Canmore.

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